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American Water Spaniel, Characteristics, Traits and Dog Food
By: Tippy

The American Water Spaniel is an attractive, medium-sized
water hunting dog, as its name suggests. But for all of its
cute exterior, is actually an active, hardy muscular dog.
The coat may be curly or wavy and has a crisp texture to it
with an undercoat that protects the dog in the cold or in
the water. The coat can be either chocolate or liver
colored, and sometimes they may have a white spot on the

The skull of the dog is wide and moderately long with a
moderate stop. The muzzle is smooth and square and also
moderately long. The ears are long and covered with springy
curls. The eye color should match the coat in hazel to dark
brown. The teeth should come together in a scissors bite.

The tail curves slightly upward, feathers and tapers to a
point. The American Water Spaniel uses its tail like a
rudder when swimming in the water.

The American Water Spaniel is a very trainable and
intelligent dog. They are very enthusiastic about working
and are eager to learn. They are used to hunt and retrieve
various small animals like duck, grouse, pheasant, quail and

American Water Spaniels also make good companion dogs and
watch dogs. They are confident, energetic, friendly,
obedient and persistent. These dogs are highly sensitive,
pleasant and willingly obedient and should be trained with a
calm, firm, persuasive and quiet way rather than demanding
and sharp.

The American Water Spaniel requires early socialization to
avoid shyness or aggressiveness towards other dogs. It is
important that the training method that you use with this
dog is one of calm authority, consistency and treats when
the assignment is performed correctly. These dogs do not
respond well to anger or harshness.

They are loving companions and are very easy going and are
great with children. However, these dogs do not do well when
they are allowed to believe that they are the alpha and can
snap at people when being defensive or if being harshly

American Water Spaniel

What I would do for for the American Water Spaniel
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

Don't call the American Water Spaniel a poodle, whatever you do!

While that magnificent curly coat seems to take care
of itself, sometimes it gets a little oily down on the skin.

Here's a Terrific Pet Food for American Water Spaniels

Daily antioxidants and an additional vitamin E supplement,
combined with a good quality food should remedy oil problems.

American Water Spaniels Love these Doggie Treats

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