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Read this if

your Dog suffers

from Anxiety

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If your Dog is Anxious or Stressed Out....we can Help!

Anxiety in dogs can include symptoms such as: pacing, tremors,
excessive biting at a particular area (especially the feet), excessive
barking, hiding, poor appetite, and even aggression toward
another animal or you.

Some dogs become anxious when left alone in the house, when
being boarded, just before and during thunderstorms, and July 4th,
when other dogs are around the house, when a new animal or
person is brought into the family, changes in routines, and car
rides (especially when going to the veterinarian or groomer).

If your dog suffers from anxiety then, as a caring dog owner,
you suffer too.

We have the Perfect Solution for you!

"Mellow Out"

This Amazing, Natural and Safe, anti anxiety product for dogs or cats.....
eases tension without harmful side effects and contains Only
Natural ingredients. Helps keep your dog or cat calm when they
are under stress.

Key Ingredients:

German Chamomile
Kava Kava
St. John's Wort

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Try one bottle of Mellow Out Absolutely Risk Free!

If you are not completely satisfied with the results
then we stand behind our product and give
you a complete 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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