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Australian Cattle Dogs Calendars

Is the Australian Cattle Dog Right for You?

If you want an Australian Cattle Dog or Heeler be sure to
choose a lineage that hasn't been bred strictly for working.
The working lineages can be too intense and active for a
staid home life. Heelers are fairly easy to train if you do
so properly.

If you are a meek person you shouldn't get this dog. They
also require a lot of exercise both mental and physical, so
if you aren't a leader that likes a lot of exercise you
shouldn't get this breed.

This dog does best when on a farm or other venue where they
can be given a job to perform. They do wonderful when they
are given a specific job to do. These dogs are not
recommended for living conditions in an apartment.

The Australian Cattle Dog is bred to have incredible stamina
and need a lot of exercise. They must absolutely be
exercised or behavior problems will arise. They get
destructive and bored without proper exercise. They will not
be satisfied with you simply tossing a ball for them. They
need complexity with their exercise and do wonderful with
agility training.

They make good jogging companions and require a long
distance walk every day. Never allow this dog to jog ahead
of you as they will get the wrong idea that they are the
alpha. Force them to heel to you and stay by your side,
never allow them in front of you or you may have a battle of

The male of this breed can reach on average seventeen to
twenty inches (forty-three to fifty-one centimeters) in
height and thirty-two to thirty-five pounds (fifteen to
sixteen kilograms) in weight. The female can reach on average
seventeen to nineteen inches (forty-three to forty-eight
centimeters) in height and weigh around thirty to thirty-
five pounds (thirteen to sixteen kilograms).

These dogs are short-haired with weather resistant coats
that require little grooming if any at all. Usually just
pulling a firm bristle brush through their coat when needed
is all that it needs. They do shed twice a year and a little
more brushing during these periods.

Australian Cattle Dog have an average litter of five puppies
and can have anywhere between one to seven puppies in a
litter. Puppies of this breed tend to be born white but the
adult coloring can be seen in the pads and paws of the

This breed has a life expectance of around twelve to fifteen
years of age. The breed is vulnerable to genetic deafness,
hip dysplasia and PRA.

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