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The Amazing Hard Working Australian Cattle Dog
By: Tippy & Sir Alfred

The Australian Cattle Dog is also called the Australian
Heeler, Blue Heeler, Hall's Heeler and Queensland Heeler.
They are compact, sturdy working dogs that are agile,
powerful and well-muscled. The body is a little longer than
it is tall. Australian Heelers have a tail that reaches
their hocks and has a slight curve. The front legs must be
straight when viewed from the front.

The head is slightly rounded between the eyes with a broad
shape. The ears should be pricked and moderately pointed.
The oval eyes should be dark brown. The teeth should come
together in a scissors bite. The dense double coat is short
and weather resistant.

Blue Heelers can wear the colors of blue or red with
speckles. The blue-speckled can also have black patches or
not. They may also have blue or tan markings on their heads
and tan points. For show dogs, black markings are frowned
upon. The red speckle should have even speckling all over.
But they may have markings that are darker on their head.

This dog is a herding breed and a working dog. The
Australian Cattle Dog does not do well in a small apartment
or even a suburban, home with a yard. These dogs are most
happy when they are doing what they were bred to do and that
is as a herding dog on a farm. When they are not properly
exercised mentally or physically they will develop serious
behavior problems.

These dogs need to very active and to be a major part of
your life. They are very intelligent, loyal, alert and
protective. They make great guard dogs and are trustworthy
and brave. They do wonderful with herding, obedience ring
and agility, and with some effort they can be obedience
trained to very high levels.

They need to know who is boss though, or they will try to be
pack leaders. Only someone with experience with dogs should
have an Australian Cattle Dog. They can be quite stubborn,
but when an owner dedicates real time and effort to training
their dog they can become fiercely loyal and obedient. If
not trained properly they become aggressive, hyperactive and

This dog must absolutely have a strong-minded owner that is
just as stubborn as they are. Australian Cattle Dogs were
bred to think independently in order to do the hard work an
Australian cattle ranch requires. You must be the alpha of
the pack at all times, and even then you will be in for a
fight on occasion. There are exceptions to every rule but in
general this is the case with Heelers.

They do not do well around other animals, children or
strangers unless they have been raised around them. They do
tend to nip at the heels and attempt to herd any living
thing that the dog considers to be beta to their alpha.

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog Wants Quality Nutrition
With: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

A splendid blend of colors, big ears, and big heart
make the Australian Cattle Dog maintenance free,
more popular by the day.

He's naturally made to work so be sure yours has
plenty of interactive toys, and lots of exercise
morning and evening.

If your puppy doesn't want to eat, that's okay, 
because it's just too busy being involved with life.

Free feed may be the right choice for you.

See my recommendation for a Dog
Food fit for a King for your Australian Cattle Dog:

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On days when he's just too much to handle, an
herbal calmer like valerian, or warm milk with
honey, might take the edge off for both of you.

Give him antioxidant treats or veggies every time
he does something right.

Antioxidant Treats are Important for Your
Australian Cattle Dog!

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