Cute as a Button Basenji
Coffee Cups and Drinking Mugs

Looking for the Ideal gift item to give
to any Basenji dog lover? We have the perfect solution
with these Colorful Basenji Mugs & Basenji Coffee Cups!

We thank you for being such a caring and wonderful
pet owner. It's takes a Special person to appreciate
and keep the Basenji dogs as pets.

Bssenji dogs make good pets but do require daily exercise,
most likely originating from their ancestry (see below).
Be very cautious if you have a pet Basenji, they love
to chase cars. So keep your pet in a fenced in area
or on a leash if they are outside.

These Coffee Cups, Mugs and Drinking Cups with
their Enhancing photos of Basenjis will make Great Gifts a special treat for you.

Brighten up your day with a Delightful
Basenji Cup or Mug

Basenji Mugs are Found Here

Basenji's are "barkless" dogs which most probably
came from parts of Central Africa, probably the
congo thousands of years previous. They are listed
as one of the world's 15 oldest breeds of dog.

Basenji dogs are termed as part of the pariah dogs.
Pariah was first used in reference to the wild dogs
of India but has become a generic type of term
for any dog who lives on the edges of settlements
in faraway places of the globe.

Basenji dogs while not barking, have a kind of yodel
they make when they are pleased about something, and
a kind of scream when they get upset. Think -
baroooo and you've come close if you've never heard
a Basenji.

Another pariah type dog is the Dhole also called
the Asiatic wild dog, which is another ancient
breed and another "barkless" dog. They have a
variety of sounds which include chattering, clucking,
meowing, screaming and whistling.

One of the unique features about the Basenji is
it's tail, which is a tight curl.

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"The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this
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