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Bearded Collie Mug

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Is a Bearded Collie the Right Dog for You?

The Bearded Collie is known for its bouncing gait. It is an
affectionate, charming, exuberant, joyous, happy-go-lucky
dog that is always ready to play. They make wonderful pets
for children as they are always in the mood to play.

They are also enthusiastic, self-confident and stable. The
male dog tends to be more bold and outgoing than the female.
The female dog tends to be calm and submissive. These dogs
should not be penned up away from their masters; they need
to be constantly around their family members.

This dog is a herding dog and has a tendency to herd its
people. They do not make good watch dogs as they tend to
bark too often. The Bearded Collie isn't aggressive or shy
when treated and trained properly.

If you must leave your Bearded Collie alone for some hours
then you should exercise it well before you leave so that it
remains calm. These dogs have high energy and need daily
mental and physical exercise; otherwise it may get into
trouble. This dog doesn't like being confined and can become
hyper if penned up for too long. They prefer to be outside
off of their lead.

An owner that is a natural authority will get along
beautifully with this dog breed. They may be stubborn if
they view the owner as submissive, but when treated properly
they are very trainable for many different activities.

In order to train these dogs you must be calm, confident,
consistent and firm. You need to set the rules and stick to
them if you want your dog to obey you. It is recommended
that this dog undergoes formal obedience training.

This dog isn't recommended for apartment living. They are
active indoors and do better in a home with a good sized
yard. Beardies do make excellent farm dogs and have no
problem sleeping outdoors. They also can withstand most
weather conditions as their coat is weatherproof.

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