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How to Care for Your Belgian Tervuren

This dog has an impressive track record and appearance and
often they are bought solely on these rather than research
done into the breed itself. It's true that Belgian Tervuren
dogs have won many obedience challenges and are a wonderful
breed, but only when matched with the right owner. Otherwise
it could wind up being a nightmare breed to an owner that
doesn't have the knowledge, time, willingness or patience to
meet the dog's needs.

You should only adopt a Tervuren if you fully understand
what it means to be the "Alpha" pack member and have an
ability to stay firm and consistent. If you are not a
consistent, organized leader then do not choose this dog as
your pet. An experienced dog owner with time and leadership
ability is what this dog breed needs.

This dog breed is hardy and healthy with no major health
concerns. Individuals may have minor health issues with eye
issues, epilepsy or skin allergies. Occasionally an
individual will have personality problems with excessive
shyness or excessive aggressiveness. It is important that
you buy your dog from a responsible breeder to cut down on
any physical or psychological problems occurring in your dog.

Tervurens have a tendency to become lazy and obese so
shouldn't be overfed. In some individuals elbow dysplasia or
hip dysplasia may occur. This is more likely to happen with
a dog that is overly exercised or obese, because these are
larger dogs.

They can live to anywhere between twelve and fourteen years
of age, and have an average litter size of between six to
ten puppies. This makes them an average breed when it comes
to longevity and litter size.

This dog will do well in any conditions so long as they are
given plenty of mental and physical activities and allowed
to be with the owner at all times. They do best when they
have an average size yard to play around in. They can live
outdoors but are most happy when they are with their people.

This dog is a very active dog and will need to take a long
walk every day. They are also a breed that would benefit
from being let off the leash in safe areas. They are
attentive to their owners and will not run off unless the
owner gives them permission to play.

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