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Belgian Tervuren

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Belgian Tervuren Dogs - Characteristics and Traits
Tippy & Alfred

The Belgian Tervuren breed of dog is an elegant, slender and squarely
proportioned dog that is solidly muscled with a proud
carriage. They are not bulky dogs, rather, they have
muscular hindquarters that don't look heavy.

The male dog can reach between twenty-four and twenty-six
inches (sixty-one to sixty-six centimeters) in height and
sixty-five to seventy-five pounds (twenty-nine to thirty-
four kilograms) on average. The female dog can reach twenty-
two to twenty-four inches (twenty-two to sixty-one
centimeters) in height and sixty to seventy pounds (twenty-
seven to thirty-two kilograms) in weight on average. (The
heights and weights are based on a healthy average dog of
this breed.)

Their ears should be erect equilateral triangles that are in
good proportion to their head. They have dark, small,
almond-shaped eyes that should have a questioning and alert
expression. The muzzle shouldn't be excessively pointy and
should taper.

The muzzle and skull are both straight and parallel to each
other. The lips should be tight and the teeth should come
together in a level bite or scissors bite. The nose should
be black.

The dog has muscular hindquarters and very straight front
legs that are parallel to each other. The feet are round
cat-feet. According to the show standard, dewclaws must be
removed from the hindquarters but the front dewclaws can be
removed or not depending upon the owner's preference.

The tail is long and feathered and reaches at least to the
hocks. They have a medium to long haired coat with a dense
undercoat. They have a straight, long, black-tipped outer
coat that is a characteristic of the breed. There is a ruff
around the neck that extends down the chest, and the legs
and rump are also feathered.

The coat of the Belgian Tervuren is multi-colored and will
always have tipped fur. They have a base color between fawn
to mahogany and a lot of registries also accept shades of
gray. White is acceptable on the chin, chest and toes.

The hair on the outer surface of the ears, head and legs is
short. Tervurens get a darker coloration as the animals
mature. It has an elegant carriage and a light, floating,
graceful gait. Their appearance alone distinguishes them
from among other dog breeds.

Belgian Tervuren Dog

The Belgian Tervuren
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

The Belgian Tervuren was once used as a herding dog.

Now for therapy, this solid dog doesn't require any frills.

If feeding supermarket food, bee pollen added is needed.

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