Bichon Frise Coffee Cups and Mugs
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These Adorable Bichon Frise Coffee Cups and Mugs
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Is a Bichon Frise the Right Dog Breed for You?

The Bichon Frise loves everyone so they do not make great
guard dogs. These dogs belong in your lap or being played
with affectionately. Because this dog is so sociable it gets
along great with other pets, dogs and children. This dog
will never be happy being alone and will always want to be
with you and the family. They are happiest when they are
around people.

Bichons are intelligent and easy to train. They can perform
tricks, and do obedience trials and other competitive
sports. They can master a great many tricks so if there is a
trick you want to see you can probably patiently train your
Bichon Frise to comply.

You may have difficulty housebreaking this dog. Like other
small breeds they have trouble holding on till you can take
them outside. They need to be taken on one long walk a day
to satisfy their needs.

If Bichons are not treated properly and made to understand
that they are submissive in the "pack" they can develop bad
behaviors like "small dog syndrome." This is a behavior
pattern that occurs when the dog thinks that it is the alpha
pack leader to humans. When this occurs a variety of bad
behaviors can crop up like biting, guarding, obsessive
barking, separation anxiety and snapping. This is called
small dog syndrome because small, cute dogs are more often
spoiled in this way.

These behaviors are not a part of the Bichon Frise normal
temperament or traits and are only brought on when the dog
is treated improperly. Even though this dog is adorable and
may be your "baby" and you want to spoil it, understand that
it is a dog and needs a clear set of rules and consistent
training to know where it is in the leadership pecking
order. This way it will remain loving, stable and happy.

Often this breed is shown in dog trials. They are very
popular and the Bichon Frise has taken home a lot of
trophies in the small dog category. They are absolutely
lovely, cute and playful little dogs that enjoy performing
and being around people. If you are an allergy sufferer but
love dogs this is a good choice of dog for you.

The Bichon Frise is a companion dog that loves people. They
are affectionate, bold, independent, intelligent and lively
dogs. They are also charming and gentle and do not bark a
lot like other small dogs. They have a happy, self assured
temperament that makes them very easy to live with.

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