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Remarkably Alluring -

Stuffed Plush

Bichon Frise Doggie

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Stuffed Plush Bichon Frise - a very Special Keepsake!

Two sizes: 15 inches or 9 1/2 inches high

This Adorable and so Delightfully Endearing
Stuffed Plush Bichon Frise
will bring so much Warmth to your heart it
could melt the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.

So Very Sweet this Heavenly Stuffed Plush Bichon Frise
is definitely the Talk of the Stuffed Dog Show.

Characteristics of the Stuffed Bichon Frise breed  include:

* Dreamy Eyes
* Enchanting Smile
* Fur Softer than a baby's Bottom
* Cheerful Countenance
* Proven to Create Happiness and Joy
* Full of Love to Give to you
* Doesn't eat much
* Never gets fleas

This Darling little Stuffed Bichon Frise Doggy
would love to have you give him a good home.
Won't you please do so by selecting the
Stuffed Ark banner shown right below

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Bichon Frise Dogs

The Bichon Frise is a toy dog with a loose curled double
coat. The outer coat is textured while the undercoat is
fine, silky, soft and three to four inches in length. These
dogs are great for allergy sufferers because they are
virtually hypo-allergenic. They hardly shed at all.

The Bichon Frise has a moderate muzzle that isn't pointed.
It has a slightly accentuated stop. The teeth should come
together in a scissors bite. They have round dark eyes with
obvious intelligence lighting them.

Their ears hang and should be well covered with hair to
practically hide them. This dog is a small dog with a long
neck and well developed chest. The tail is cured over the

The Bichon Frise is almost always white in color, although
they can come in apricot, cream and gray coloring as well.
Their hair can be kept long and only clipped around the
muzzle and feet, or they can be show clipped like a poodle.
Whatever you choose to do they should be trimmed in a round
appearance to maintain the cotton puffball look that has
earned them their fame.

Grooming of this dog breed should be done frequently. They
need to be bathed once a month and they should see a
professional groomer once a month as well. They need to have
the hair trimmed around their ears and eyes with blunt
scissors. Their eyes need to be cleaned daily with a damp
clean cloth to avoid staining.

Show dogs should be trimmed with scissors. The body of the
dog can be clipped with an electric razor, but the rest
should be trimmed with scissors. The Bichon hardly sheds at
all but you should brush out their fur daily.

The Bichon Frise first made its way onto the dog world scene
in the fourteenth century when the poodle was crossed with
the Barbet Water Spaniel. This dog became a favorite in the
sixteenth century French royal court. It was also a popular
circus and organ grinder's dog because of its ability to
learn tricks. Today the Bichon Frise is a show dog and a
companion dog.

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