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The History of the Birman Cat Breed
By: Alfred and Miss Patches Marie Kitty

The Birman cat was originally named "Sacred Cat of Burma."
Its history is long and colorful.

Beginning in the Eighteenth Century the people of Khmer and
their "Kittahs" or priests were hunted, persecuted, and
killed by the Indian Brahmins. The priests fled to the North
Burma mountains and built a secret underground temple high
in the mountains.

The temple was called Temple of Lao-Tsun, (meaning The Abode
of the Gods), and it became the center of the Burman
religious observation. There, in the late 1800's, a few
lucky foreigners were privileged to see a statue of their
goddess, with eyes that were made of two long sapphires, and
about one hundred sacred cats of similar appearance.

The story told by the priests is that their most holy priest
and leader had kept a particular beautiful cat (This cat was
named SINH.) that was "the oracle of the goddess Tsun-
Kyankse". The priests believed that the goddess would allow
them to live again in the body of an animal, preferably a
cat, and all their cats were beautiful white creatures with
amber eyes.

One night the temple was attacked and looted by the Siamese
Thais and some of the priests were murdered. The leader of
the priests, Mun-Ha, died from the stress and his advanced
age. While the surviving priests were mourning their loss,
SINH jumped up onto the head of his master, which had fallen
on the foot of the goddess' throne as he died. The hair
along his spine and his eyes turned golden. His four feet
turned brown like the earth and where they touched the skull
of his fallen master they turned pure white. The cat then
turned to face the spot where the enemy was busily looting,
and the priests were all heartened and routed the invaders.

SINH wouldn't move from his spot on the throne, and wouldn't
eat or drink, and seven days later he died. Seven days
after the death of SINH the priests met to choose Mun-Ha's
successor and were amazed to see a parade of the 100 temple
cats, all of whom now looked just as SINH had looked after
his transformation. The cats proceeded to gather around one
of the young priests, who of course then became the goddess-
chosen leader.

No one knows for sure exactly how a pair of these cats found
their way to France, but history says that the female cat
survived the voyage and gave birth to kittens soon
thereafter. However, some say that the entire story is
fictional and that Birmans were created in France by
crossing bi-colored Persians and Siamese. You can choose
which story you like.

Birmans are born white and the color begins to appear
slowly. Only if both parents carry the recessive "gloving"
gene will the kittens have white feet. Birmans are great,
easy to care for pets and are long lived. All told, they
deserve their royal reputation.

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