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The Birman
By: Alfred and Miss Patches Marie Kitty

The Birman was a companion to the Kittah priests in Burma
and was considered sacred.

The history of the Birman breed in the west is as mysterious
as the story about their coloring. It is suspected that a
pair of Birmans was secretly shipped to France in 1919. The
male cat died on the voyage but the female, named Sita,
survived, and she was pregnant.

The breed was recognized in the French cat registry in 1925
from this very small gene pool selection. After World War II
only two Birmans were left alive and an out crossing program
had to be established to save the breed. Five years of pure
breeding is necessary now to fully accredit the breed for
championship competition. In England the Birman was
recognized in 1966 and by the CFA in 1967.

The Birman has long silky hair with a longer ruff around the
neck, especially on the males. The coat is thick but has no
undercoat and so is not as heavy as that of the Persian, and
doesn't have the same texture as that of the Persian. The
coat is easy to care for and doesn't mat.

Their tails are long and flowing and are often carried high
over the body. They are a long, fairly stocky, large sized
cat. The preferred color is a light color with a golden cast
as if it was dusted with gold dust.

Birmans have dark seal, blue, chocolate, lilac points
similar to the Siamese and Himalayan breeds. The points can
also be "lynx pointed," meaning that they may be striped in
gray, tortoiseshell, red or cream. The point markings are on
the face, legs and tail.

The eyes are invariably strikingly round and blue. They have
a full chin and heavy jaw with a Roman nose (the nose has a
pronounced curve) set with low nostrils. They also have
white "gloved" front feet and white back "laces" on the dark

Like the other "pointed" breeds, Birman kittens are born
white and the color develops slowly over the first year. The
four colors accepted by the CFA are:
* Seal - dark brown points on a light tan body color
* Blue - dark blue-grey points on a light gray body color
* Lilac - pinkish gray points on a frosty white body color
* Chocolate - milk chocolate colored points on an ivory body color

The Birman has a quiet, unobtrusive personality when you are
busy but when you have time for them they are intelligent,
social, playful, and active but gentle. Their voice is soft
and they love being talked to and will often talk back. They
are considered to be "considerate" cats that try to please
you rather than being imperious as some oriental breeds tend
to be. Birmans are great cat companions for humans and they
get along very well with other cats as well.

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