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The Mystery Surrounding Black Cats
By: Alfred (who is senior editor of our cat care section and
happens to be a beautiful black cat....just ask him!)

In European countries other than Ireland and Britain that
didn't see any witch trials or hunts the black cat is still
considered to be good luck rather than bad. Black cats are
also considered to be good luck on seafaring ships.

In Romania and Moldavia they have a very strong suspicion
that if a black cat crosses someone's path it will mean bad
luck to that person. This is true even though their
histories haven't seen witch trials or hunts. This
superstition also occurs in the Czech Republic and other
Central European countries.

In parts of the Americas the bones of a black cat are
considered by some to have magical properties, and they are
actively traded on the black market for purposes of spells
and potions.

It is believed that a cat's coloring is directly linked to
that cat's personality. If that is the case than a black
cat does lend itself to superstitions. Humans have always
had a love/hate affair with cats and their mysterious ways,
with some people feeling threatened somehow by the cat's
independence as compared to a dog.

And cats do all love to sneak about, that is how a wild cat
catches its prey, so in that way the black cat may be the
perfect choice for superstitions since a black cat in the
shadows is probably the hardest color for us to spot.

Whether the black cat is considered to be a good or bad
omen, one thing remains true. The black cat among any other
colors of cat has become iconic in many different cultures.
But of course, this color is a trait determined by genetics
and there really is no likelihood that a cat of any color is
lucky or unlucky.

The truth, of course, that the person who has earned the
affection and companionship of a cat of any color is
actually a lucky person. And if the people of Europe hadn't
decided that cats were evil and killed so many of them
perhaps there would have been fewer rats and rat fleas and
so the Black Death wouldn't have killed so many.

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