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Bloodhound Coffee Cups or Mugs

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Is a Bloodhound the Right Dog Breed for You?

This dog is not the easiest to train and you will have to
remain consistent and firm with plenty of patience to train
this dog. You need to establish clear rules for the dog from
puppyhood and follow them without fail. If you are a
pushover this dog will not obey you. In any event you
shouldn't expect too much obedience from this dog.

The Bloodhound is a gentle, natural animal that does not
take well to obedience training. If they catch a scent they
will direct their attention to the scent and completely
ignore you. During the dog's puberty they are especially
hard to control and you will need to take a firm stance with
them. After the age of two they tend to mellow out,
especially with firm consistent training and adequate

In order to prevent this dog from becoming timid it will
have to be socialized well from an early age. You will need
to take your dog on a long daily walk. Bloodhounds that do
not get enough mental and physical exercise will become
willful and hard to handle.

Bloodhounds become devoted to their masters and get along
well with other people. This dog just loves everyone and
will even greet unwanted visitors happily. They can on
occasion be territorial when no one is home, however. But
when they are on the trail of an animal they welcome all
comers to the party. They can live well with other dogs and
other pets.

The Bloodhound has a tendency to drool, howl and snore
loudly. They may have problems with inappropriate sniffing
or wandering off down a trail after a scent. Never let this
dog off of the leash. Bloodhounds will follow any scent as
they have a powerful nose and can follow trails for days,
even old trails if the scent is strong enough.

The Bloodhound is often used in search and rescue operations
because of their tenacity and scent abilities. They have
such a sure strong ability that evidence found by a
Bloodhound can be admissible in court of law. One famous
Bloodhound brought about six hundred criminal arrests and

Never keep a Bloodhound in an unfenced yard. They are likely
to wander off down the road and you may never see them
again. Their hunting instinct drives them to follow on a
scent and they will not let up until the scent goes cold.

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