Calendars with Scrumptiously Fascinating Bull Terrier Doggies

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Calendars with Bull Terriers

Stuffed Plush Bull Terrier Dogs & Animals

Bull Terrier Trivia

In Africa the Bull Terrier is called a Varkhond or Pig-dog.
Many people think this is because of the shape of the head
and eyes of the dog make it look like a pig. But in actual
fact the name arose because bull terriers were used to hunt
bush-pigs and warthogs in South Africa, especially around
the Eastern Cape.

The miniature version of the Bull Terrier is called the
Miniature Bull Terrier and is its own distinct breed. They
are about half the size of the standard Bull Terrier.

Bull Terrier Dogs are featured in Jonathan Carroll's novel "The
Land of Laughs".

Bull Terriers have also been featured in movies such as: "A
Dog's Life" (1918), "Babe: Pig in the City", "Baxter",
"Bulletproof and Derailed", "Frankenweenie", "Friday After
Next", "It's a Dog's Life" (1955), "Next Friday, Oliver!",
"Patton", "Scotland, PA", "The Incredible Journey", "Toy
Story" and "Trainspotting".

A Bull Terrier appeared in several scenes of "Je t'aime. moi
no plus" a film made in 1976. But because there are so few
scenes of it appearing the dog is often mistaken for a pig.

Bull Terriers have also starred in television shows like the
1970s show "Baa Baa Black Sheep", in the opening credits of
"Barking Mad," a British television show, and in "Keen
Eddie," a short-lived Fox series in the USA.

"The White Wolf" is a book that as the main character has a
Bull Terrier in the Max Brand novel.

In commercials for Bud Light beer in the late 1980's a Bull
Terrier called Spuds Mackenzie was featured.

On a show in Canada called "Hockey Night in Canada," a Bull
Terrier named "Blue" was featured. He was owned by famous
Canadian Don Cherry.

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