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History & Traits of

Bull Terrier Dogs


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Is the Spunky Bull Terrier the Right Dog Breed for You?
Tippy & Alfred

Bull Terriers thrive under affectionate, consistent, firm
leadership and make great family dogs. The Bull Terrier fits
best into an active family who like to go on outings, and who
will give the dog plenty of companionship as well as good
supervision. They do not like to be left alone for long
periods of time; they want to be with their family.

Bull Terriers are fond of children and humans in general.
Children should be taught how to handle the dog properly,
and if the dog does not get enough exercise it can be too
much for small children to handle. This breed needs to be
socialized well and obedience trained. They are not
recommended for households that aren't dog experienced.

Some History of the Bull Terrier

In 1850, the Bull Terrier with a white coat (called the
White Cavalier) was made a fashionable pet of gentry. Bull
Terriers have been used as guards, herders, ratters and
watchdogs. The miniature was developed to have the same
qualities of the standard just in a more manageable size.

The standard Bull Terrier can reach an average height of
twenty to twenty-four inches (fifty-one to sixty-one
centimeters) in height and weigh between forty-five and
eighty pounds (twenty to thirty-six kilograms). The
miniature Bull Terrier can reach ten to fourteen inches
(twenty-five to thirty-six centimeters) in height and weight
between twenty-four and thirty-three pounds (eleven to
fifteen kilograms). These measurements are based on a
healthy average for this breed.

Bull Terriers often live to ten or twelve years old. They
have an average litter size of five puppies and can have
anywhere between one and nine puppies in a litter.

The Bull Terrier will live fine in an apartment so long as
it is given enough exercise. They are active indoors and do
best with a small yard to run around in. They prefer
climates that are warm. This breed needs a lot of exercise
including a long daily walk to take care of their
psychological and physical needs.

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