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Plush stuffed

Bull Terriers you

will fall in Love with

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Discover how very Cute these

Stuffed Bull Terriers are

Looking for something totally unique and awesomely different? Feast your eyes on these Dapper
stuffed plush Bull Terrier Dogs.

A totally Charismatic stuffed animal is this adorable
and so very Charming Stuffed Bull Terrier dog.

Sweet as a Rose and Cute as a bug! Guaranteed to make
you feel Great and guaranteed to eat very little.
Quite easy to care for and takes up little room, plus
you never have to worry about fleas!

It would be almost an impossibility not to fall in love
with this soft as can be stuffed plush Bull Terrier.
He's just waiting for you to give him a good home.

Get your Stuffed Bull Terrier toy dog
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Bull Terrier Media Stars

- Abraxas Aaran, who portrayed Willie in the 1970 film

- Baxter, from the film Baxter - with the tagline, "Méfiez-
vous du chien qui pense." ("Beware the dog that thinks.")

- Best in Show Champion Rocky Top's Sundance Kid - aka
"Rufus" - Bull Terrier (Colored) - 2006 Westminster Kennel
Club Dog Show

- Blue, owned by Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry, is
widely considered to be almost as famous as Cherry himself.

- Bodger, an old white Bull Terrier, is a major character in
the book "The Incredible Journey," by Sheila Burnford

- Brut, in the novel, "Answers to Brut", by Gillian Rubinstein

- Bullseye, mascot of the Target Corporation

- Chester, Chad's (Preppy) dog in Rockstar's video game

- Chico, a dog in "Next Friday" and "Friday After Next"

- Creampuff, one of Irish Murphy's pig hunting dogs from the
Footrot Flats comic series.

- Fritz, the black-and-white Bull Terrier who appears in
every Chris Van Allsburg book.

- In Charles Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist", Bill Sykes owns
an English Bull Terrier named Bullseye.

- Kirk Hammett of the thrash metal band Metallica has a Bull
Terrier named Darla.

- Lockjaw, Pepper's companion in Sierra's "Pepper's
Adventures in Time".

- Meatball, White Bull Terrier pet of Major Gregory "Pappy"
Boyington in "Baa Baa Black Sheep" (TV series).

- Odd's dog, Kiwi, is rumored to be a Bull Terrier but he
looks more like a Whippet.

- Pete, from the Fox-television series "Keen Eddie", 13
episodes, 2003

- Rick Springfield's Bull Terrier Ronnie appears on the
cover of his album "Working Class Dog".

- Sam, friend and companion of Alby Mangels, Dutch-
Australian adventurer, who accompanied Alby on his world

- Scud, from the Disney/Pixar film "Toy Story".

- Sparky, the dog who appears in "Frankenweenie"

- Spuds MacKenzie of Budweizer fame

- Spunky, of "Rocko's Modern Life", resembles a Bull

- Unnamed Bull Terrier dogs regularly appear in New Yorker
cartoonist George Booth's cartoons.

- Wally, the subject of the book "Wally's World - Life with
Wally the Wonder Dog" by Canadian author Marsha Boulton

- Whiskey, from the Eidos Commandos series

- Willie, owned by World War II US Army General George S.
Patton and named after William the Conqueror.

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