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Is the Bullmastiff Dog Breed the Right Dog for You?

The Bullmastiff is sensitive to the tone of a person's
voice; therefore all directions should be stated in a steady
authoritative voice. With proper authority and training
practices this dog will become a loyal protector that is
affectionate to the family.

The Bullmastiff is tolerant of children and they are okay
with other pets when raised with them. They need to be
socialized early with children, humans, dogs and other
animals. The Bullmastiff is a very dominant breed and will
challenge their owner if the owner is perceived to be weak.

This breed needs an experienced, confident, calm, steady
leader. The rules need to be set for this dog and clearly
understood and exceptions never made. They need thorough
obedience training to be safe and should be taught to heel
instead of allowed to walk ahead.

Bullmastiffs were originally used as gamekeeper's dog to
prevent poaching. The dogs are fierce and threatening but
were trained to frighten but not to bite trespassers.

The dark brindle color gave way to the lighter color when a
gamekeeper's dog was no longer needed. They are prized dogs
for army and police work. They are also great hunting dogs
and watchdogs. These dogs today are most often guardians and
family companions though.

The male dog can reach twenty-five inches to twenty-seven
inches (sixty-three and one half to sixty-nine centimeters)
in height and weigh between one hundred and ten to one
hundred and thirty-three pounds (fifty to sixty kilograms)
on average. The female can reach twenty-four to twenty-six
inches (sixty-one to sixty-six centimeters) in height and
weight between one hundred and one hundred and twenty pounds
(forty-five to fifty-five kilograms) on average. These
measurements are based on healthy averages for this breed.

The Bullmastiff lives for a relatively short period of less
than ten years. They have an average litter size of eight
puppies but have been known to give birth to between four
and thirteen puppies in a litter.

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