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Bullmastiff Dogs need Special Care - Here's How
By: Tippy

The Bullmastiff is prone to cancer. Be sure to watch out for
eyelid problems like PRA, hip dysplasia and tumors. They
also have a problem with boils on the lips. These dogs have
a problem with bloating so it is a good idea to feed them
two to three small meals a day instead of one large meal.

Bullmastiffs need to eat good food that is easy to digest!
Preferably get a dog food that doesn't have any fillers,
preservatives or corn additives, this way it will cut down
on the bloating and excessive gas. Good food also prevents a
lot of sensitivities, allergies and sicknesses and although
it is expensive to feed them good quality food it will be
better in the long run when it comes to veterinarian bills.

The Bullmastiff can live in an apartment if given sufficient
exercise. They are inactive indoors and do best with a small
yard to cavort in. They do not tolerate extreme temperatures
well. They do best in temperate climates.

Be sure to not allow this dog to become obese. They are
already a very heavy dog due to their composition and
musculature. Extra weight can do damage to their feet and
joints. Be sure to check the feet regularly for any

These dogs have a tendency to be lazy, so regular moderate
exercise should be scheduled daily for this dog. If you
overfeed these dogs and they do not get enough exercise they
will get obese. They need a daily long walk to take care of
their physical and psychological needs.

The Bullmastiff tends to drool, slobber and snore. They do
not do well in the backyard or in a kennel; they need to be
with their people. Owners that are meek or passive will have
a hard time controlling this dog. If allowed to do so they
can become aggressive to other dogs and reserved with
strangers. They also become willful to their masters. Early
socialization and regular obedience training are a must.

For this dog you need to be a confident, calm, authoritative
person that is patient and persistent. This dog responds to
the tone of your voice so when giving a command make sure
that it sounds like a command, but they do not respond well
to yelling or abuse.

Bull Mastiff

Supplements and Food for the Bull Mastiff
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

Talk about a big, stout dog! With the Bull Mastiff
bloat prevention is important.

See How to Prevent Bloat in Bull Mastiffs

Slow growth for healthy bones and muscles, an 
alternative professional food, and exercise are all required.

If the coat gets brittle, add a fatty acid supplement.

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Savory Treat for your Bull Mastiff Dog

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