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How to Deal with

Epilepsy in Dogs


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Epilepsy... my Story
By: Kristen Hall

One thing we have noticed is that we seem to be getting a lot
of questions on epilepsy in dogs. As many of you know, we have
a Border Collie named Emily who has canine epilepsy.

At the worst of it, Emily was having several grand mal
seizures PER WEEK. We were unwilling to put her on prescription
drugs to control the seizures, feeling that by doing so, we would
really loose her happy and sparkling personality.

After doing a lot of research on the internet and talking
to wholistic vets, we decided to try dietary controls first.
Our thought was that we would do everything we could do to get
Emily healthy and prevent the triggers for these seizures.
Then, if that didn't work, we would use the prescription drugs
as a last resort.

So, we first got her onto our Life's Abundance dog food, because
it has no artificial colors or preservatives. Many of these
additives, especially BHA & BHT, are thought to be triggers
for epileptic seizures. We supplement her with the HPN "Advanced
Daily Supplement".

Unlike most dogs, she doesn't like the taste of the supplements,
so we give the, to her in a little piece of meat (ground venison
or organically grown hamburger) or cheese.

We also absolutely do not allow her to eat anything that isn't
home-made. No treats of hotdog pieces, no store-bought meats
or poultry (too many hormones, steroids, etc.), no commercial
cookie pieces - nothing with preservatives,
food colorings, hormones or steroids.

In light of current research, we don't see the point in
vaccinations for older dogs after their initial set of shots,
so she doesn't have to deal with that. Additionally, we worm her
with Panacur, a very mild, gentle wormer. She is not on heartworm
medication at this point and she doesn't get treated with
"Frontline". We use organic flea control for her and
her bedding. I also use an all-natural laundry detergent from
Meleleuca and fabric softener for everyone's laundry - even ours!

I want to remind you that we are not veterinarians. We just
love Emily and want to do the right thing for her. But, since
we made all of these changes in her lifestyle and diet, Emily
has had only 3 episodes of seizures in the past
year (we started this last November).

Weighed next to several per week or a lifetime of medication
that would eliminate Emily's personality as we know it, we feel
that our program has been very successful.

If you would like to try this program for you per with similar
problems, you can order both the food and the supplement from our
website below. If you have questions or would like further details,
please feel free to email me or call me anytime.


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