Attractive and Stylish Collars to walk your Cat in style!

These affordable Cat Collars not only look
luxurious, but will make certain kitty doesn't get away
on outside trips.

Here's some good ideas on collars for Kitty

If your cat is an outside cat or goes outside sometimes
then it may be a very good idea to keep a collar on
your cat. There are many reasons why this is the case.
It lets people know that this cat is owned by someone.
If you add a tag with details like name, address and
home phone number your cat, if found, can be returned
to you.

The collar will also have a license tag showing that
the cat is legally owned and registered according to
that town's laws and regulations. In some cities if you
don't have a license for your cat you can be fined or
your cat can be taken away from you. Some places also
require that cats have proof of yearly rabies
vaccination, usually a collar tag is supplied by the
veterinarian who gives the cat's vaccination.

But, buying a cat collar isn't as simple a task as you
would think. You will need to answer questions such as:
Should you buy a reflective collar, flea collar, buckle
collar, elastic collar or break-away collar? There are
really any number of collars to choose from and you
should be careful which one you pick because ultimately
your choice of collar should be based on the safety of
your cat and the environment that cat lives in.

If your cat has a flea problem then choosing a flea
collar is good, but you should also pick another collar
to go along with it as flea collars don't have any
rings or buckles to attach anything to for
identification purposes. Flea collars may or may not
work on any flea problem your cat has and you need to
watch for any skin conditions like an allergic reaction
rash to the flea collar you are using.

You need to buy a collar that fits your cat. It
shouldn't be too tight or too loose. Too tight and the
collar can cut off air to your cat. Too loose and your
cat can easily remove the collar from around its neck
or it can get caught on objects and possibly cause the
cat to be strangled.

For kittens you should choose adjustable collars as
kittens tend to go through growth spurts and you don't
want to be required to buy a new collar every few
weeks. Be sure to check the fit of the collar often so
that your kitten doesn't strangle because it grew.

The collar should be snug enough that it fits closely
to the skin but not so tight that you can't get a
couple of fingers under the collar against your cat's
fur. For longer hair cats you may want to part the fur
around the neck and then put the collar on to avoid
tangles and matting.

One of the most popular cat collars is the nylon break-
away collar. They are low cost and designed so that if
your cat does manage to get hung up on something the
collar will come unfastened so that your can't won't
strangle or become trapped. Be sure to buy the right
fit for your cat, and keep in mind what accessories you
want to put on that collar like a bell or reflective
tape for nights out on the town.

These Cat Collars are secure to give you peace of mind
they are also adjustable for kittens.
And, if you're wondering what to give one of your
fellow feline loving friends, they would be an excellent present.

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