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Times to Vaccinate

Cats & Kittens

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Vaccination Schedules for Cats
By: Alfred and Little Cat C

It is recommended by most veterinarians that you have your
cat vaccinated for the different various diseases listed
below at the times listed.

The rabies shot is also required annually or every three
years in many parts of the United States of America.

Exposure or risk of exposure and vaccine types may vary the
schedule for your cat, of course. Be sure to check with your
veterinarian to make sure that they have the vaccines
available before you go in to the office. It is also
recommended that your read all the literature on the
vaccines that you can so that you are aware of the risks
associated with the different vaccinations.

8 weeks:

Distemper vaccine
Intestinal parasite screen
Strategic de-worming (for intestinal parasites)

8 to 10 weeks:

Feline Leukemia Virus/FIV test
Feline Leukemia vaccine (only for cats at high risk)
Distemper vaccine
Intestinal parasite screen
Strategic de-worming (for intestinal parasites)

12 to 14 weeks:

Feline Leukemia Virus
Distemper vaccine

2 to 4 months:

Feline Leukemia Virus

One Year:

One-year Rabies vaccine
Strategic de-worming (for intestinal parasites)
Feline Leukemia vaccine (only for cats at high risk)

Keep in mind this is a generic list and your veterinarian's
plan for your individual cat's treatment may vary.

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