Bright and Sunny Cat Doormats that will make you Smile

Cat Doormats

There are many different types of cat doormats, whether
you want to see your furry feline under your feet when
you come in your house or inside the door of your

There are also special cat mats for your cat as well,
that are to be put in front of the cat litter box to
sift litter from the cat's feet when they step out.

Just about any type, size, shape and style of cat
doormat is available. You might buy a doormat with a
picture of a particular breed of cat, or you might just
get an idyllic scene of some cats playing in the
sunshine. You might find a doormat with a drawing of a
cat and a humorous saying such as "Warning, attack cat
on duty." or you might find a doormat that expresses
your love of cats with a poem. The types of cat
doormats available are almost unlimited.

The typical shapes they come in are:
- Square
- Half Circle
- Circle
- Oval
- Rectangle
- Octagon

We apologize as our supplier has currently discontinued this item, please do a search for cat doormat on the web.

The types of rugs that you can buy that depict cats
include materials such as:
- Plastic
- Woven
- Wool
- Loop-Hooked
- Flat Woven
- Braided
- Sisal and Jute
- Machine Woven
- Broom

The sizes range from small to very large room-sized

There are special cat mats designed to go outside of
litter boxes for sifting litter off of cats' feet when
they step out of a cat box. This saves keeps the mess
in one place and saves you vacuuming or sweeping.

Sometimes if you don't have a mat for outside of your
litter box litter will pile up in front of and around
your litter box. Then and ill or confused cat may use
the litter on the floor instead of the litter in the
box to deposit its waste. This makes the resulting
smell from the waste sink into the carpet or flooring
around the litter box and later, even if you clean up
the litter, the cat will smell its odor there and may
continue to go outside of the litter box.

It is best if you get one of the cat mats that go
outside of the litter box to contain the mess so you
never have this problem. There are a variety of types
of cat mats for the litter box. Most of these are thick
rubber so that you can easily pick them up and either
deposit the litter back into the box or shake it out
into the trashcan. It makes it much easier to clean up
after your feline.

Now you can greet your guests and visitors the right way
with our Exceptionally Cute and Colorful
Cat Doormats that will hold up to rugged traffic.

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