Automatic and Self Cat Feeders a Cool way to feed Kitty

How can a Cat feed itself?
Try the Automatic Cat Feeder

Cat Feeders can be a simple bowl that you pour food into
or a more sophisticated apparatus that delivers food to
your cat. This is via a container over the bowl and is complete
with portion control and a timer.

The simplest form of cat feeder is the cat bowl. The cat
bowl is a simple bowl with a no tip design usually.
These bowls can come in plastic, stainless steel and
ceramic. The bowls can be utilitarian or decorative
depending upon your taste.

If your cat is a kitten or is left alone for extended
periods, getting a cat feeder that has a dispenser on
the back of the bowl so that when dry cat food is eaten
from the bowl, more is gravity-fed into the bowl to
keep food available may be best for that cat. This is
only if the cat doesn't overeat. Cats that have
unlimited access to food, especially if they have been
spayed or neutered, have a tendency to overeat and
become obese and this is very bad for their health.

There are also cat feeders available that have a timed
cat food dispenser so you can set the same time every
day for your cat to be fed. These feeders simply fill
the bowl from a dispenser on the back of the bowl at
the set time. Most do not measure portions, they simply
fill the bowl.

The last form of cat feeder is the one that will not
only allow you to set a certain time for the cat to be
fed but control the size of the portion of food that is
dispensed. This is excellent if you want to control
your cat's portions because of an eating problem or

The cat food dispenser feeders are especially good for
people who take short trips out of town for a few days.
This way you don't have to have someone come around and
check on the cat to feed it. You can simply set the
machine and know that your cat will be fed at the
appointed time and the right amount.

The least expensive version of the cat feeder is
usually the bowl. And the most expensive is the
automated cat feeder that feeds by time and controls
portions. You should analyze what you need and the
needs of your cat and choose the right cat feeder to
meet those needs.

These wholesale Cat Feeders will help ensure
your precious kitty has a delightful dining experience.
We have Automatic and Self Cat Feeders for water or food.

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