You're a Good Man Charlie Brown


Charlie Brown: "Another ball game lost!! Good Grief.
"I get tired of losing.....everything I do, I Lose!"

Charlie Brown often been called the Great American
loser, a blockhead, spineless, wishy-washy, clumsy;
he was the butt of many jokes.....Charlie Brown was
the little guy who never won.

In one strip Lucy asks Charlie Brown, "Discouraged
again, Eh Charlie Brown?"

"You know what the trouble is? The whole trouble
with you is that you're YOU!"

In another strip Charlie Brown says: "All that it would
take to make me happy is to have someone say he likes me"

Charlie Brown: "I wish I could be happy"

"I think if could be happy if my life had more purpose to it."

"I also think that if I were happy, I could help others
to be happy....Does that make sense to you?"

Lucy: "We've had spaghetti at our house three times this month!"

Charlie Brown: "Good Grief!"

Lucy one time asked him: "Is that your head or are
you hiding behind a balloon?"

"I got a Rock"

He never got a valentine, at Halloween he got a rock,
his Halloween costume had 18 holes in it instead of two, he
almost never won a baseball game, the one baseball
game he did win was tarnished when one of his star players
betted a nickel against the team, he never kicked
the football, his kite always got stuck in something,
it took him 43 years before he hit his first home run.

Charlie Brown: "If I tell you something Lucy, will you promise
not to laugh?"

Lucy: "I promise."

Charlie Brown: "This is very personal and I don't
want you to laugh...."

Lucy: "You have my solemn promise."

Charlie Brown: " Sometimes I lie awake at night listening for
a voice that will cry, 'We like you, Charlie Brownnnn'"

Lucy: "HA HA HA HA HA"

He was too shy to talk to the love of his life....the
little red haired girl....the one time he did muster
up enough courage to give Violet a Valentine, he
handed it to her and said, "Merry Christmas."

Charlie Brown constantly puts himself down and
seems to be taken advantage of by almost everyone.

Charlie talking with Linus says: "The whole world is
filled with hatred."

Linus counters: "Do you really think that's true?"

Charlie Brown answers: "I KNOW it's true. The

In another conversation....

Charlie Brown: "All of us have certain areas in
which we feel out of place."

Linus: "Oh? In what are do you feel out of place, Charlie Brown?"

Charlie Brown: "EARTH!"

Patty once asked Violet: "Violet, do you really
think that Charlie Brown is as hopeless as you make him out to be?"

Violet: "He's worse! He has NO redeeming features whatsoever!
I just can't think of enough bad things to say about him!"

Yet....Charlie Brown was able to capture the hearts
of millions of Americans. Charlie Brown, after all was
said and done, a winner. A winner of the highest proportions.

He was someone we could all relate each of his
antics, we saw a small part of ourselves being portrayed.
A part that perhaps we did not want to remember or notice,
but seeing it happen to Charlie Brown made us laugh.

Making us laugh meant that maybe things weren't really
so bad with our own lives after all and that maybe everyone
else was in the same boat and had the same feelings of
insecurity, the same failures.

Charlie Brown was more like most of us than perhaps we
would often care to admit. Perhaps that's why so many
people read his strips. Charlie Brown had that unique
ability to came alive in our hearts and imaginations.

He was a part of us and reading his strip, we were
able to become a part of him.

Charlie Brown faced more obstacle and difficulties
and problems than most people, yet Charlie Brown was
a character that never gave up.

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown!

His baseball team lost 999 consecutive games, but
winter saw him out on the mound with a snowball in
hand thinking about how he was going to mow down
the opposition in the coming season. 

The kite eating tree in his backyard consistently 
foiled his attempts at flying the darn thing, but
every windy day, Charlie was out there, trying 
again and again.

Every fall the football has been pulled out at
the last minute ending up with Charlie landing flat
on his back, but still.....every fall, Charlie Brown tries again.

Charlie worries over everything, yet he is deeply
concerned with the true meaning of life.

He picks out the scrawniest Christmas tree imaginable,
but sees something in it....he sees what it could
be....not what it is. 

Charlie Brown, despite his problems is someone we
would all like to be. He's polite, considerate, he
honestly cares about his friends and family, he's
loyal, he's constantly trying to do better....
Charlie Brown never, ever gives up or gives in to
all the jeers and jokes against him.

Charlie Brown makes us see ourselves for what we
were or are, and then helps us see what we can
become. He's someone who motivates us to keep on
trying, to keep on plugging away. 

There's something that's just so admirable about 
that spirit, the spirit of a person who, despite the 
fact that life will seemingly never allow him to 
succeed, keeps on going anyway. 

After 50 years, over 18,000 comic strips being run
in over 2,600 newspapers, over 50 books, a TV show
movies, TV specials, a Broadway Musical.....
Charlie Brown is the little loser who came out on top.

Charlie Brown is someone who showed us what it takes
to be a real winner. Like Charlie we emerge from our
troubles a bit battered and weather worn and like
Charlie we manage to keep going.

We all have times where we feel like failures, like
we just can't do anything right, and yet we go on
in that search for success. We keep on trying to
succeed even if that success eludes us.

But, of all the Charlie Browns out there, Charlie
Brown is the Charlie Brownest......

"I never realized how many Charlie Browns there were
in the world. I thought I was the only one."

~ Charles Shultz ~
ALL PEANUTS CHARACTERS Copyright United Features Syndicate, Inc

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