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The Collie is a highly intelligent and noble dog breed. It
is a dog that is easy to train, kind, loyal, sensitive and
sweet. They are very devoted to their loved ones and very
protective of them. At least one Collie traveled up to two
thousand miles to find its family after having become lost.
The Collie breed has won the Ken-L-Ration Hero Dog Award
five times. They are wonderful with children and gentle
playful companions.

The Collie is an active, agile, lovely, long-coated
sheepdog. The breed was made famous by the movie star dog
Lassie. Collies have a blunt, wedge-shaped head that gives
them an impression of lightness. The face is chiseled and
the top of the head is flat.

The muzzle is blunt, long, smooth and well-rounded and
tapers to the black nose. The ears are three quarter erect
and the tips fold forward a little. The eyes are dark and
almond shaped, except that the blue merle Collie has blue or
merle eyes.

The dog has a muscular, trim body that is not as tall as it
is long. The chest is fairly wide and strong. The tailbone
hangs to the dog's hocks.

For centuries the Rough Coated Collie was barely known
outside of Scotland, where it originated. But now it is one
of the world's most popular dog breeds. The Collie is
descended from herding dogs that worked under severe
conditions and had to be very hard-working, intelligent and
conscientious. They have been used as sheepdogs for
centuries and even as water rescue dogs.

It is suspected that the name "Collie" comes from the Colley
sheep from Scotland that they were charged with herding and
protecting. The ancestors of the Collies had broader heads
and shorter muzzles and were overall smaller. Some
historians of the breed say that Collies were bred with the
English Greyhound to add speed to the breed and that is why
they are taller and have longer muzzles now.

The Smooth coated variety has a one-inch coat that needs
little grooming. The rough variety has a thick and long
double coat that forms a neck and chest mane and needs
weekly regular grooming to look its best. Both varieties
have hair on their head and legs that is smooth and short.
Collies come in colors of blue merle or predominantly white
with sable, sable and white, tri-color or tri-color with
blue merle markings.

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