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So Soft & Huggable

Plush Stuffed

Collie Dog

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You will Really Like what you see when you feast
your eyes on this Magnificent Plush Stuffed Collie Dog
that is full of Charm and Charisma.

13 inches long and Cute as a brown butter button.

This Adorable Stuffed Collie dog toy animal is
just the right item to give for that totally awesome
and unique gift to those you love or your children.

Sweet as a Rose in full bloom and so very Handsome
stuffed plush Collie dog by SKM will be such a
delightful addition to your family. Take anywhere
with you or just cuddle up with him at night time.

One thing is for certain, this stuffed Collie dog is
so Cute and Precious - you will instantly fall in love.

We don't want you crying icicles instead
of tears if you decide to pass up getting this
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The Collie is a friendly, good-natured dog that is very
energetic outdoors. They are protective of their owners,
especially children. They are not an aggressive breed but
tend to be suspicious of strangers and people they do not
like. They need to be socialized well in order to prevent
them from becoming shy of strangers.

The Collie breed is known for its intelligence and can be
trained for many different purposes including as a guard
dog, guide for the blind, movie star and as a rescue dog.

It is said that Queen Victoria kept Collies in her castle
Balmoral in Scotland. Her interest in the breed launched its
popularity. J.P. Morgan and other top members of society
have been known to keep Collies as pets. There are several
different versions of Collie now, mostly bred for show.

Because of this breed's beauty and temperament it has been
very popular both as a family companion and as a show dog.
The Smooth-coated Collie is popular in Great Britain as a
companion dog. Recently they have been gaining popularity in
the United States as companion dogs as well.

The first Collie was presented in a dog show in 1860. The
difference between a rough-coated Collie and a smooth-coated
Collie is that the Smooth-coated Collie has long hair. Both
are judged by the same standard excepting the coat length.
They are shown as the same breed in some countries and as
different breeds in other countries.

The male dog can reach twenty-four inches (sixty-one
centimeters) in height and weigh between sixty and seventy-
five pounds (twenty-seven to thirty-four kilograms). The
female dog can reach twenty-two inches (fifty-six
centimeters) in height and weigh between fifty and sixty-
five pounds (twenty-two and a half to twenty-nine and a half
kilograms). These measurements are based on a healthy
average for this breed. They live to fourteen to sixteen

The Collie needs a lot of exercise, including a long daily
walk. This is necessary for their physical and psychological
needs. They enjoy time off the leash in a safe area to play
and run around. The Collie can live in an apartment so long
as they are given enough exercise. They are fairly inactive
indoors and optimal conditions would be to have an average
sized yard for them to play in. Rough Collies are sensitive
to the heat so in warm weather be sure to provide plenty of
shade and water.

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