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Dr. Bick's informs her

readers on Constipation

in Dogs

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Dogs that get Constipated: here's your options.....
By: Dr. Jane Bicks

Hard stools and then difficulty in passing them are the usual signs and symptoms of constipation in dogs.

Older dogs are more prone to it, as are young ones that are fed improperly or have eaten something they shouldn't have.

If your dog shows any signs of illness, he must be brought to the veterinarian immediately, since there could be a blockage of the intestinal tract.

The following will help your dog:

  • Add canned pumpkin to every meal. The dosage can range from 1/8 tsp for a small dog to 1/2 tsp for a large dog, depending upon results. Start with 1/4 tsp for a medium and large dog, increasing the amount depending on stool results.

Or you can do the following:

  • Add wheat bran to every meal. Follow the same dosages as for the pumpkin. For increased taste, combine it with brewer's yeast.
  • Put your dog on a high fiber diet recommended by your veterinarian, changing foods slowly.
  • Add water to the food.
  • Keep the water dish clean and full of fresh water, to encourage your dog to drink more.
  • Supplement with brewer's yeast.
  • Supplement with acidophilus daily.
  • Supplement with folic acid.
  • Increase the dog's exercise.
  • Add vegetable enzyme to the food.


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