Wholesale, Quality & Strong Dog Brushes


Keep your dog's coat smooth and mat free

with these made to last Dog Brushes 



 Brushes are available for any length coat and in 

varying degrees of gentleness

to keep the coat smooth and mat-free





Dog Bristle Brush




Pin Dog Brushes




Dog Curry Brush





Soft Pin Dog Brush

Grooming Table Shelf

We have many, many more styles of
dog brushes and slickers

plus more grooming supplies available. 

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These Quality Dog Brushes

 make great gifts for any dog lover

or as a special treat for your own dog



See our entire selection of Dog Brushes

and grooming supplies




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Dog Brush Guarantee

No Questions Asked" Guarantee on any dog brush

We offer a return policy for a full 30 days on any dog brush

If you receive a dog brush and are not satisfied, 

just return the dog brush for a refund


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