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What are Dog Cages or Kennels and why does my Dog need one?

Wondering why you should get a Dog Cage or Kennel? If
so, we have a really good free informational article
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Unless you live in an apartment or condo, your dog is a
very small and fragile breed, or you never leave home
without your dog and the dog lives in the house, you
should consider providing an outdoor kennel for your

Why your Dog Needs a Kennel

A kennel provides a safe place for your dog outside,
where it is safe from straying, eating something toxic,
encountering stray dogs (and their accompanying
diseases) that might enter your yard, becoming more
aggressive in defending its territory or getting into
some other type of trouble, yet it can enjoy the fresh
air and interesting odors of the outdoors.

Kennel versus Dog House

A kennel is different from a dog house. Your dog needs
both a dog house and a kennel if it spends time
outside. The dog house simply provides a small "den"
area in which the dog can sleep, rest, or shelter from
the elements. A kennel is usually a small fenced area
built onto a frame, with room for the dog, its dog
house, food and water containers and a small exercise

Dog Runs

Sometimes "dog runs" are also called kennels, but a dog
run is simply a bottomless pen made up of a number of
lightweight wire panels that clip together. This type
of pen is good for exercising dogs or puppies or providing
portable and temporary space for your dog while you are
nearby, but they are not suitable for a permanent
outdoor home for a dog as they can sometimes be
overturned by high winds or a large dog.

Multi-dog Kennels

When a number of dogs are kenneled in the same spot,
there is often an attached building in which each dog
has a room that opens into its own fenced "run." You
may have seen such multi-dog kennels at your
veterinarian's office or at a dog boarding facility. If
you need a multi-dog kennel you may need to have a
professional build it for you.

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