Strong Dog Kennels that will Hold one or two Dogs

Features of a Good Kennel for One or Two Dogs

The Dog Kennel is easy to access and use. Choose a dog
kennel that can be placed in a location that is easily
accessed from your house so you can always be sure that
your dog is safe and has food and water available.

How to Choose a Good Dog Kennel

* The kennel is built to be stable. - Make sure that
the kennel fence can't be blown over by strong winds or
knocked down by your dog when it is excited.

* Your dog is secure when it is in the kennel. - The
door should latch well and the latch should not be
easily accessed by children or your dog. There should
be a provision for padlocking the door if your dog is
aggressive or dog theft is possible where you live.

* The kennel is safe for your dog. - The dog kennel
should be chew-proof. Bored dogs love to chew and it is
often amazing what a determined dog can chew through.
We had a large dog that chewed through the wood around
the gate latch of a wooden privacy/security fence and
opened the gate. There should be no sharp protruding
parts and no openings into which your dog could
possibly thrust its head.

* A kennel that will be comfortable for your dog is
important. It should be a place the dog can feel at
home. - The kennel should have room for a comfortable
house or shelter for your dog with room left for
exercise. There should also be room for its food and
water at a distance from the area it will be using for

Furnish your dog kennel with a water container that
will keep the water clean and hold enough for an entire
day, a food container that keeps the food safe from the
weather and any vermin, a soft dog bed or carpet inside
a dog house, and, if the kennel has a concrete floor, a
section where the dog can stand and look out without
having to stand on hard cement.

Keep your dog Safe & Secure with
these strong, yet attractive Dog Kennels

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