Quality Dog Feeders at Excellent Prices

When your precious four legged friend gets hungry
let him or her chow down from one of these
Handy Dandy Dog Feeders that your dog will Love to eat from.

Dog Feeders

For dogs that are getting older or have trouble chewing
and swallowing properly because of health issues there
is an elevated dog feeder that brings the dog food bowl
and the water bowl up to a level where the dog can
easily get its food and water without straining or
bending its neck.

It is believed that using an elevated feeder can help
prevent the potentially fatal stomach torsion to which
some breeds and all large dogs are vulnerable. Elevated
feeders are also very helpful for elderly or arthritic dogs.

Often these elevated dog feeders are constructed from
wood and come with a dog food bowl and water bowl.
There are cutouts in the feeder top made in the shape
of the bowls so that they sink into the wood shelf and
won't fall off of the feeder. But you can buy them in
ceramic and metal as well. Some are very decorative,
while others are utilitarian in appearance. You will
have to choose something based on your dog's needs and
your decorating preference.

Some dog feeders are made for small breeds of dogs and
other are made for large breeds of dogs. Measure your
dog before shopping for an elevated feeder so that you
know what height to get for your dog.

You might even make your own if you want something very
specific and you are handy with tools and material.
This is a great project for the Do-it-yourselfer and
the little do-it-yourselfer to do for the family dog.

There are also automatic dog feeders that have a
container on the back of the bowl that holds a large
quantity of dog food. Some simply feed the food pellets
by gravity as the dog eats from the reservoir. Be
careful as sometimes a dog will abuse this and eat more
than it should. This can lead to obesity and poor
health. Others automated feeders are battery or
electrically operated on a programmable timer. These
will feed the dog at the appropriate time and also
restrain the portions of food that your dog gets.

Automatic dog feeders are handy in that they will feed
your dog when you are not home or are otherwise unable
to. If you have to leave your dog over the weekend and
just have someone checking on it then an automatic dog
feeder is a good solution. Some automatic dog feeders
also double as automatic dog waterers, and if you must
leave your dog alone daily while you work you might
consider using both.

We have many choices of dog feeders in all different
sizes and in different styles.

These dog feeders make great gifts for any dog lover
or as a special treat for your own dog

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