Beautiful Dog Sweaters to keep your Dog Warm!

Dog Sweaters are a Smart Idea

Buying a dog sweater for your best friend can be not
only a fun thing but, depending on your dog's breed and
your climate, may be a kindness and a way to help keep
your dog healthy.

Many dog owners love to buy clothes for their dogs and
dress them up. Others consider putting clothing on dogs
to be a silly idea. But whatever your feelings about
dog clothes; be aware that dog sweaters are not just
frivolous fun.

Many dogs need to wear a sweater when the weather is
cold, especially dogs from the shorthaired toy breeds,
elderly dogs, dogs that have health problems, and of
course puppies, whose body systems haven't matured yet.
If your dog fits into this category, be sure to look
for a sweater that covers the dog's belly too, since
the hair is thinner there.

And even if your dog doesn't require a sweater, putting
a cute dog sweater on your dog for that trip to the
park can show off your sense of style and fun while it
shows off your cute dog. You can find dog sweaters in
any color and pattern including camouflage and animal
prints, sporting your favorite team logo

To choose the right sweater for your dog, measure your
dog's back length from the nape of its neck to its
tail, and its girth around the chest. Compare those
measurements to the size guide on our website.

If you are buying the dog sweater as a gift for friend
or loved one and so can't measure the dog, a general
rule of thumb that may work is to buy small for toy
breeds, medium for Beagle-sized dogs, large for
Labrador-sized dogs, and extra-large for Rottweiler-
sized dogs. (Go one size larger if the breed is extra-

Keep your dog warm and protected from
the elements with these Cozy Dog Sweaters

A vest goes around the dog's back and has a strap
that goes under the dog's belly to secure it to the dog.

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