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Oh that Smell!

Here's how to get

Rid of Dog Odors

Help Homeless Pets

with a Gift

of One Dollar

How you can Control Dog or Cat Odors and Smells

Effectively remove dog or cat urine odor, urine odor
from carpets, skunk odor, and dog or cat body odor.

Just by following their own sense of adventure, your dog
or cat can attract and hold on to odd smells. With our
recommended spray, you can remove those dog and cat odors and
smells from cages, furniture, litter boxes, carpets,
curtains and bedding.

This amazing product will generate compliments for your
pet and you.

Rid yourself of dog or cat odors completely – on or around your pets.

Our recommended Pet Deodorizer vaporizes odor-causing molecules on contact.

Here’s how it works:

Formulated to to help neutralize odors in and around
your pet's environment.

Non-toxic and safe enough to use directly on your pet.

Pet Deodorizer:

Key Ingredients:

Sodium Hydroxide
Chlorophyllin-Copper Complex

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