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Beagle Dog Breed

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The Most Famous Beagle of All

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Beagle Dogs: Just as Splendid and Precious as Can Be
By: Tippy

The Beagle is a small, hardy, sturdily-built hound dog. The
breed was created and is still used as hunting dogs as they
have an amazing sense of smell. Beagles also make great
companion and family dogs as they are very affectionate,
friendly and good with children.

The Beagle has an easy to care for, short, sleek coat that
can be any color. Ordinarily the coat can come in the colors
of black and tan, lemon and white, orange and white, red and
white and tri-color. The coat is medium length, close and
hard to the body.

The Beagle looks somewhat like a miniature version of the
English Foxhound. The broad skull is slightly rounded and
the muzzle is square and straight. The nose has full
nostrils for scenting and is black in color. The Beagle's
ears are wide, long, and pendant. The eye color can be brown
or hazel and characteristically have a pleading or "wistful"

The Beagle has a compact body that is longer than it is
tall. The dog has strong round feet and the tail is carried
high but never curled over the back. This way the tail
provides a scent marker through tall grass so the Beagle can
follow its trail back.

The Beagle, like most hound dogs, has a distinctive howl or
bay of a bark when it is on the hunt. The Beagle's voice is
charming to its owners and fans but can be a nuisance to
neighbors. If left alone too much a Beagle will have a
tendency to bark/bay at strangers or passersby or even howl
from loneliness.

On average the male dog can reach between fourteen inches to
sixteen inches (thirty-five to forty-five centimeters) in
height and weigh twenty to twenty-five pounds (nine to
eleven kilograms). The female can reach thirteen to fifteen
inches (thirty-three to thirty-eight centimeters) in height
and twenty to twenty-three pounds (nine to ten kilograms) in
weight. This breed has two height classes because of the
variances in their size and weight.

A healthy Beagle can live to be between twelve and fifteen
years of age. This is an average lifespan for dogs in
general. Litters average seven puppies but can be anywhere
between two and fourteen puppies.

Beagle Puppy

Finding the Right Care and Nourishment for the Beagle
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

Big brown eyes, floppy ears, and a desire to please
it's owner make the Beagle one of America's favorite dog's.

While Beagles may tend to bark a little too much,
they are certainly easy to care for as long as you
remember to clean the ears 3 to 4 times a week
(see below for recommended product) and brush
their coat daily, distributing the oils throughout.

Beagles seem to do well on all types of food, as
long as they don't eat a lot of it. If dandruff
becomes an issue, change to a better quality food
with a higher quality protein and add a hard or
soft boiled egg daily, or feed a fatty acid treat.

Dating back to the 1300s, the Beagle was first bred
as a hunting companion for small game. His compact,
muscular body, bold attitude and hardy bearing,
come from a blend of various ancient hounds.

In America, the Beagle dates back to colonial days,
when they were imported for hunting rabbits. A weekly
brushing helps to keep their short coat in condition.

Smart, independent and easily bored, they will get
in trouble when unsupervised, and that includes
barking. Beagles come in two varieties: Not to
exceed 13" and Over 13" but not to exceed 15."

My Recommendation for the Luncheon Menu
and Quality Treats for your Beagle

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