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Rottweiler - Total Home Care Guide for this Magnificent Dog
By: Tippy

The Rottweiler is a calm, confident, courageous, devoted,
docile, intelligent, laid-back, loyal, powerful, reliable,
trainable breed of dog that is protective of its owner and
family. When defending their family they become fierce and
powerful, able to withstand a great deal of pain to protect
what is theirs.

They are generally brave and even-tempered dogs. This breed
needs an owner who is a natural authority and is calm,
consistent and firm. These are very large dogs and have been
used in the military, police and for customs jobs. They also
do well in competitive obedience.

Training should begin when your Rottweiler is small because
they become quite massive as they get older. They also need
to be well socialized and trained from an early age, an
untrained adult Rottweiler, like most of the working dog
breeds, can be a danger to not only other animals and itself
but sometimes also to humans.

These dogs are happiest when they are with their family and
will not be happy if regularly left alone for long periods
in a kennel or backyard. Be sure to set rules and remain
consistent with this dog so you do not run into trouble as
it gets older.

A Rottweiler that is properly trained and cared for is
excellent with children, dogs and other household pets. Just
be sure to make it clear that other household pets and
children are higher in the pack order than the Rottweiler.

These dogs are very good at determining whether or not a
person is a threat to their family even if that person is
not a stranger. You should pay attention if your Rottweiler
is growling or not allowing on the property someone who has
been to your house previously. Otherwise, your Rottweiler
will enthusiastically greet family and friends who are no

Rottweilers have many talents, including carting,
competitive obedience, guarding, Guide Dog for the Blind,
herding, police work, Schultzhund, tracking and watchdog.

The male dogs reach twenty-four to twenty-seven inches in
height and weight between ninety-five and one hundred and
thirty pounds. The female dogs stand twenty-two to twenty-
five inches tall and weigh between eighty-five and one
hundred and fifteen pounds. The life expectancy can be from
ten to twelve years. These dogs have large litters of up to
ten to twelve puppies!

Rottweilers are susceptible to ACL damage, Entropion and Hip
They also have a tendency to snore and can
overheat easily because of the shape of their muzzles. Your
dog will need a long daily walk to take care of its physical
and psychological needs. These dogs thrive when given plenty
of exercise, they were bred to work. Biking, running and
swimming are all activities that the Rottweiler really
enjoys. They also will chase after a ball for hours on end
if you will throw it for them.

The Rottweiler does okay in an apartment setting so long as
it gets enough exercise. They are inactive indoors and will
do fine with a small yard to go out in and daily play and

The glossy, smooth coat of the Rottweiler is easy to groom.
A brushing with a firm bristle dog brush and regular bath are
all that is necessary to keep these dogs good looking. The
Rottweiler is an average shedder.


My take on taking Care of the Beautiful Rottweiler
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

With the body like a Mack truck and the disposition
of a guardian angel, the Rottweiler requires little
maintenance if fed a high quality alternative food.

Rottweilers will Thrive on this, my Choice of Dog Food

Vegetable enzymes are helpful to keep his muscles,
skin, and coat in shape.

The Ideal Treats for Keeping Rottweilers Healthy

A good exercise program can develop him into the
tight muscled dog he is known to be.

Slow growth is essential for a healthy musculo-
skeletal system.

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