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Dog Treats

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Natural Treats for your Dog


Natural Healthy Dog Treats will help your Dog
look and feel better & have more energy, and they
have a Great Taste that Dogs Just LOVE

Wholesome Hearts Low Fat Dog Treats

Wholesome Hearts are all natural, Low Fat Dog Treats made with high quality proteins and harvest fresh fruits, vegetables and multi-grains.

 The aroma and taste are exceptional.

Dogs just can't resist these scrumptious, healthy treats! Wholesome Hearts are for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Also great for senior and overweight dogs!


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Natural Healthy Dog Treats:

Natural Edible Dog Bones

Chewing is normal behavior for all puppies and dogs.  It is an
enjoyable pastime and relieves frustration, anxiety and boredom.

However, all dog chews are not created equal.

Real bones can splinter easily and get caught in the throat or
digestive system.  They also wear down the teeth.  Rawhide
is often difficult to digest and could cause intestinal problems.


Our Natural Edible Dog Bones are a healthy and safe
way to satisfy a canine's desire to chew.

They look just like real bones and are made from a wholesome
blend of rice, flour, vegetable fiber and chicken liver.  Plus,
the rounded ends and crunchy texture work together to help
promote healthy teeth and gums.

Most important from a dog's point of view is taste.  Dogs
just can't resist the delicious bacon flavor ... they're good to
the very last crunch !

Ingredients:  Rice, flour, vegetable fiber, chicken liver, bacon flavor.

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Try any Natural Healthy Dog Treat on this page
Absolutely Risk Free

If you or your dog are not satisfied with any
Natural & Healthy Dog Treat,
we will Refund Your Money.....No Questions Asked!


Natural and Healthy Dog Treats:

Gourmet Porky Puffs

are HICKORY SMOKED pig snouts.
Hand picked from USDA facilities.

Processed in an FDA inspected plant with stringent quality controls.

Carefully prepared, hickory smoked and oven baked in their
own natural juices for 48 hours.

Smell like cooked bacon.

Have a non-greasy, rich texture and golden brown color.

Contain no chemical preservatives.

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Natural & Healthy Dog Treats:

Gourmet Dental Treats

Delicious & Nutritious Peanut Butter Dog Treats for Healthy Gums & Teeth.

*  Calcium & phosphorus, essential minerals that promote strong,
healthy teeth and bones.

*  Parsley, an herb with a high chlorophyll content has natural
freshening power to help sweeten unpleasant breath. Parsley’s
health benefits also include vitamins A, B, C, K, calcium,
potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and protein.

*  Wholesome Natural Ingredients: rolled oats, honey, canola oil,
brown rice, flax meal, peanut butter, water, whey, whole
dry eggs, parsley, calcium and phosphorus.
NO artificial colors or preservatives & NO corn or wheat.

So delicious, dogs won’t know they’re SO GOOD FOR THEM!
In a university study, dogs preferred Gourmet Dental Treats
4 to 1 over the leading brand of dog treat.

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Natural Healthy Dog Treats:

Antioxidant Health Bars

Treat Your Dog to Better Health Naturally
with Antioxidant Health Bars

Free radicals are extremely reactive chemicals. They are
produced within the body and are by-products of normal
daily biochemical reactions.

They are also produced outside the body and are by-products
of the normal every day environment like chemical flea and
tick products, heavy metals, parasites, drugs, ultraviolet rays,
house and garden pesticides, bacteria, fungus and more.
Did you know over 1 million free radicals can be ingested
in one breadth?

Free radicals can wreak havoc in the body by eating cells,
destroying DNA, proteins, enzymes and depressing the
immune system. Many scientists believe they are the cause
of accelerated aging, cancer and many other diseases.

Purdue Veterinary School data shows that over the last 30
years, 24% of over one million dogs treated were diagnosed
with one or more chronic diseases including cancer and
cardiovascular disease...Natural Antioxidant Dog Treats
like ours can help to neutralize free radical damage.

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