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Should Dogs eat bones?

If you think so, then

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The Danger of Feeding Bones to your Dog
By: Tippy

Bones, even those sold as dog bones, have caused the death
of many dogs. This is because the dog will chew the bone to
small bits. Then swallow sharp parts of the bone that
perforate the intestines or cause obstruction of the gut.
Both of these conditions can cause death.

In most cases the bone fragments in the dog's digestive
system can be picked up on X-ray by a veterinarian and then
they have to be surgically removed. This is expensive and it
is painful for the dog. Therefore, even though dogs may eat
bones in the wild, it isn't recommended that you give your
dog a bone.

Bones also can chip your dog's teeth and in some cases dogs
have been known to swallow bones whole, causing serious gut

There are several myths associated with giving your dog a
bone, including that bones from the grocer are safe to give
your dog; or that bones are safe so long as you don't give
the dog cooked bones. Cooked bones do shatter more easily,
but regular bones can and do the same under pressure. After
all, if they didn't it wouldn't be possible to break a bone.

If your dog suddenly becomes extremely ill with a fever,
chills, vomiting, bloody stool, bloody diarrhea, or no bowel
movements then you need to take the dog to the veterinarian
immediately. All of these are symptoms of a gut perforation
or gut obstruction.

Bones are depicted in many cartoons as a common object of
doggie affection. This perpetuates the myth that bones are
safe for dogs to chew on or eat. In fact, this is very
dangerous and causes a myriad of health issues. Many owners
who have given their dogs bones have come to understand the
sad fact that bones are not safe for a dog to chew on or

There may be some nutritional properties to bones but,
again, the risk far outweighs any health benefits. It is far
better to feed your dog a healthy diet and make its snacks
of freeze-dried chicken breast or similar items. (Make sure
the snacks weren't packaged in China because of the
contamination risk.) Get some chew toys that can't be chewed
apart and are too big to swallow for play time.

Tippy doesn't get bones

We will not tell you whether you should feed bones to your dog or not. That is totally up to you.

There seems to be as many for the practice as there is against it.

We don't feed bones mainly because we are concerned about the possibility of a splinter rupturing the delicate linings of the intestinal tract.

What we do recommend instead of real bones is a safe alternative that effectively satisfies the dog's natural instincts to chew.

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