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Help your Toy Poodle

Puppy out by feeding

him the right way

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Feeding a Toy Poodle Puppy
By: Kristen Hall

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian. I am simply a Toy Poodle
breeder who has learned a number of effective things on
prevention of certain health problems and maintenance of poodle
health. To that end, please understand that I am not prescribing
or diagnosing your poodle's health issues. If you have questions,
please see your vet.

Providing a high-quality food is one of the most important parts
of toy poodle puppy care. There are many different brands on
the market do you pick a good one? Look for a
food that does not use corn, or include animal by-products,
chemical preservatives or dyes. We recommend Healthy Pet Net's
"Life's Abundance" as a good basic food, and it is available on line.

See below for more info.

How much and how often to feed?

We feed our toy poodle pups
twice a day here. Normally, we add a little warm water to their food
to make a kind of "gravy". For some pups, we also add a little canned
food for extra nutrition and flavor. We do not recommend a totally
soft diet (such as canned food) for your toy poodle pup. We feel that
the dry food helps their teeth and digests a little better. For toy poodle pups,
we recommend 1/3 c. of food twice a day. Teacups and Tiny
Toys will eat a good bit less than this per meal, of course. You
should look for them to eat a little less that ľ c. If your pup seems
hungry after he eats, offer a tablespoon or so more. As long as
your pup maintains a good weight, adjust the amount you
offer to suit him.

What do I mean my "maintaining a good weight"?

In my experience as a toy poodle breeder, very young pups rarely
get too fat or too thin. They pretty much eat what they need and
no more. However, as they grow, other factors come into play.
Young males may tend to be thinner than you would like if they are
exposed to other females, or are just allowed to be generally

To tell if your poodle is in good weight, place her on a table, facing
away from you. Now, put your hands around her at the rib cage.
Can you clearly feel ribs, as though you could count them? Now
run your hand along her spine. Can you clearly feel or count her
vertebrae? If so, you poodle is too thin. Perhaps she needs to eat more.

If she is eating all she wants at meals, but is still thin, I would
recommend you have your vet check her for general well-being.
Be sure there are no underlying causes such as parasites or disease.
If your toy poodle pup is healthy according to the vetís examination,
perhaps she is very active and simply burning off the calories she
needs to maintain a good weight.

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