Santa Claus's New High Tech Toy Delivery Operation

How does Santa Claus deliver all the presents on a
single night? Well, we can't reveal all of Santa's secrets,
but here's a good start. You ca figure out the rest for
yourself, but only if you're a really nice boy or girl.

As everyone knows, the world population has significantly
increased in the past few years. This has made delivery of
millions of more presents an exceedingly difficult task for
Santa Claus and the North Pole Operations.

And, the elves at the North Pole Toy Workshop have had
to work seven days a week and have gone to three shifts
to keep up.

Mrs. Claus was kept even busier baking cookies for
the addition of the extra elves needed to man three shifts.

But the biggest problem was, how to get all those extra toys
on the sleigh and how were the reindeer going to pull all
that extra weight and still maintain their speed at Christmas

Added to the fact that Santa was eating more cookies and
had gained a few extra pounds himself, this was a big problem
at the North Pole.

Just how could Santa Claus get every toy delivered
to every single good boy and girl in one night?

Insider Toy Information

While we don't know all the details, Alfred our editor of the
cats section at Pet Care Tips, is a special friend of Santa's
cat, Lady Whiskers.....and Lady Whiskers has agreed to
"spill the beans" about Santa's new High Tech Toy Operation!

Alfred and Lady Whiskers keep in touch often emailing
each other and instant messaging. So, cats being the intelligent
creatures they are, came up with some ideas that have
saved Christmas for all the boys and girls.

They suggested that Santa Claus invest in some high tech
computers, intranet, a GPS system and a brand new
distribution system, plus some "souped up, high speed sleighs"!

While this is Top Secret information, we believe that Santa
Claus contacted Michael Dell to build a new line of super
computers specially for the North Pole use, and then
contracted with Bill Gates to put his team at Microsoft to
work to write the software that would drive these computers.

However it came about, Santa now can instantly access
Naughty or Nice information about every boy and girl in the world
at a seconds notice on the North Pole's office computer.

Along with a file on each boy and girl, there is also a detailed
map on where that child lives (supplied by MapQuest)....
all of which is linked via satellite to the super laptop computer
Santa now has in his sleigh.

The software linked between the main computer and the onboard
laptop now tells the sleigh which house to go to first, which
is controlled by the GPS System. All Santa has to do is
steer the reindeer in the right direction. Then a printout of
each toy that needs to be delivered at each house is printed
out for Santa to instantly know which toys go to which child.

The GPS System than automatically tells the Sleigh each house
to go to next. Along with that, the Sleigh is fitted with unique
long distance runners and other modifications borrowed from
top NASCAR drivers (Secret info here) that allow the sleigh
to be pulled through the night sky at much less wind resistance
and faster than ever speeds.

High Tech Worldwide Toy Distribution

Santa has also developed a world wide distribution system,
where toys are stored for the one big night. Computer generated
models of Santa's sleigh were made and sent to top secret
sleigh makers around the world. There are now numerous
Magic Sleighs in existence at key points worldwide.

These sleighs all have the high tech gadgets onboard and
are loaded and ready to go into flight, at a seconds notice.

Santa merely flies to these destinations, unhooks the Reindeer
with the flip of a switch and the Reindeer are then hooked
up to the next sleigh, all within the twinkle of an eye.

How the Reindeer are Fed

With the help of nutritional experts at Penn State University,
a specific feeding formula for each reindeer was worked out
so that each reindeer is fed a diet of the magic corn and
other ingredients so they will have the extra stamina
to do all this extra flying.

Each reindeer wears a unique identification magnet which
the automated feeder back at Santa's reindeer barn then
reads. That info is fed into the super computer and the
computer then generates a specific formula of magic food
for each reindeer, every single feeding.

Rumor also has it that top horse trainer, John Lyons was flown
to the Reindeer Training Grounds at the North Pole this past
summer and during a week long session, instructed the reindeer
on new techniques allowing them to increase their turning ability, and pulling capacity, along with a brand new way to take off
in flight much faster than before.

Making the Toys

Because of the high tech making of toys at Santa's Workshop, the
elves have gone back to one shift, Mrs. Claus is baking
less cookies and it's even believed Santa has now lost of
few of those extra pounds. (Some believe that Nautilus
sent him some fitness equipment to help the process of
slimming down along....). Thanks to our contact at the
North Pole, Lady Whiskers.....we do know there is a
new Gym that was built on the property, right next to
the Reindeer Training Grounds.

Information on each boy and girl is sent to the main
computer in Santa's office from contacts all over the
world via the Intranet system Santa had installed. This
relieved the elves and Santa from needing to hand write
each name on the list, a big time savings in labor.

Santa's list is now printed out for him and automatically
color coded according to Naughty, Nice, and geographical location.
Santa can even access these lists from his Palm Pilot or
onboard laptop....and the software even checks these lists
TWICE for possible errors.

The main computer is linked to the computer in the Toy Shop,
where a printout is read so that each elf knows exactly what
toy to build and which boy or girl it should go to. That
toy is then built, gift wrapped and sent to holding bins
where FedEx or UPS then picks up a load when ready and flies
those toys to one of the worldwide distribution centers.
This appears to be a year round operation, all controlled
automatically from Santa's main computer. The elves can even
track each gift, knowing exactly where it's at during the
year in case up dates are needed before the big night.

Each gift carries a unique silicon chip which the Sleigh's
computer can read on the Christmas Eve flight, so Santa
can instantly know which toy goes where while he is in
flight from house to house.

Many wonder, is Santa, the Elves, Magic Sleighs, Flying reindeer,
and all the other wonders of the North Pole possible?

Christmas is about faith in possibilities.

A very wise man who lived long ago said this,
"All things are possible to him who believes."

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