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Ho, ho! chuckled Jolly Old Santa Claus, as he stroked his long white beard. And then he began laughing all over again, his eyes twinkling and merry.

"Come, little brownies.....come, my dear Mrs. Santa," he called...."for this is a very wonderful letter indeed."

Mrs. Santa Claus, who had been playing the piano while while the little brownies sang their favorite Christmas songs, stopped - and she, too, came to see this letter.


"What does it say?" "Who is it from?" "Did a little boy or a little girl write it?" " Where is it from?" "Did the....."

"Whoa there, just a moment, my find little friends," said Jolly Old Santa Claus. "One question at a time, or  I can't hear any of you."

"Yes," he chuckled, "It is a letter from a little boy  who has been very good all year. He has minded his Mommy and his Daddy, who has been very helpful to his  brothers and sisters, kind to his little dog and cat, and....can you guess what he wants to know?"

The little brownies all tried to guess. "Will he
get a train for Christmas?" "Will we find his new house?" "Will it snow on Christmas Eve?"

"No, no -- you'll never guess," chuckled Jolly Old
Santa Claus...."this good little boy wants to know if we are busy getting ready for Christmas at the North Pole!"

"Are we!!" shouted all the little brownies. "We most certainly are...."

The North Pole is the busiest place just before Christmas... little brownies are working away making all kinds of wonderful toys, baking goodies for the boys and girls  and....

....But, come with me, and we'll "peek" in at the
North Pole, and then you can see what is happening. Would you like that?

But remember, you must be very quiet, for no one can disturb the little brownies or they will never finish  all their work before Christmas Eve.

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