Sip Your Hot Beverage from these Cups
Highlighting the Sweet Maltese Doggie

These Cheerful and Decorative Maltese Mugs
and Maltese Coffee Cups make Excellent Gift Items
for the Dog Lover in Your Life

Cute as Cute can be are the Maltese Dog Breed.
What friend of dogs could ever not love these
adorable and so very precious furry little creatures?

We think the Maltese are really little angels in disguise
come to earth to make our lives more pleasurable!
These Colorful Maltese Mugs!

Put a Smile on Someone's Face with a Delightful
Maltese Cup or Mug

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Maltese mommies have two to four puppies in a litter.
Some have a light fawn colored marking around the ears.
These markings usually vanish within two to four
months time. The rims around the eyes and nose also
will grow darker as the Maltese puppies mature.

If you are going to keep Maltese as pets, then one
thing you will absolutely have to do is groom your
dog on a very regular basis. They are like keeping
long haired cats. They need brushed every day if

Do Not brush the coat while it is dirty! If you do,
the coat will be damaged. Wash the coat first and
get the dirt out. We have an excellent natural shampoo
that is specially formulated for dogs with coats
like the Maltese. It is perhaps the finest dog shampoo
on the market. Find out more here Dog Shampoo where
you will also get some more great tips on how to
groom your dog.

Maltese dogs are cheerful and happy little dogs who
simply have a wonderful way of celebrating life.
They love to be active and please their owners.
They love companionship and are quite extroverted.

But do remember: Maltese dogs don't like being told
what to do.....they want to do their own thing, which
if left alone is usually quite adorable.

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