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Dog Food, Feeding

Nutrition and Care

of the Maltese Doggie

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Maltese - Full of Grace, Royalty, Spirit and Playfulness
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Maltese is a devoted, gentle, graceful, highly
intelligent, lively, loving, playful, spirited and trusting
breed of dog. They are very good at learning tricks. When a
suspicious sound noises this little dog is quick and bold to
sound the alarm. The Maltese is the classic companion dog
being graceful and lovable.

The Maltese does well with other animals. They love to play
outdoors, but watch out because they love to jump in
puddles! You must bath them after they do this.

Because they are toy dogs they may be difficult to
housebreak; small dogs often can't hold their bladders for
very long. They can become picky eaters if you feed them
table scraps, it is best never to feed your Maltese human
food, even though their cute begging does make that rule
hard to stand on. Include small quality dog biscuits in
their diet to help clean their teeth so the teeth stay
healthy and strong. (See below for our recommendation)

The male Maltese stands only at eight to ten inches in
height. The female is eight to nine inches tall. Both female
and male dogs weigh between six and a half to nine pounds if
not overweight. This little dog is long lived and on average
lives around fifteen years, but it isn't unheard of for a
Maltese to live as long as eighteen years.

It is important to not allow your Maltese to be kept out in
the damp. Also, if out in the sun too long these dogs have
problems with sunburn where the hair parts and exposes the
skin. Some Maltese are susceptible to eye problems,
respiratory problems, skin problems, slipped stifle and
tooth trouble. Some individuals in the breed may have a weak
upper digestive system which makes them difficult to feed.

This breed was bred to be housedogs and cannot stand
extremes in temperatures. They can get chills in cool
weather or be uncomfortable in hot weather. Because of this
it is a good idea to paper train this dog to avoid going out
in inclement weather. Get your Maltese a good quality Dog Sweater
if he is going to be going outside in cold weather.

The Maltese does great with apartment living and they are a
very active dog indoors. They need a daily walk to take care
of physical and psychological needs. Playing indoors will
take care of a lot of their exercise needs. They also like
playing outdoors in a safe area. These dogs will remain
playful even into old age.

Daily brushing and combing of the long coat is important. Be
sure to be gentle as the coat is very soft. To prevent
staining around the eyes wipe them gently with a damp cloth
daily. Clean the beard with a damp cloth after meals. Bathe
or dry shampoo this dog regularly and make sure that it is
thoroughly dry and warm after the bath.

Strip out hair growing inside the ear canal and clean the
ears. The eyes of a Maltese should be checked regularly by a
veterinarian. The hair on top of the dogs head is often
pulled up into a topknot to keep it out of the eyes. Some
owners prefer to keep the dog trimmed in order to shorten
grooming sessions. The Maltese breed is great for allergy
sufferers as they shed little.

Keeping a Maltese Happy and Healthy with the Right Diet
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Known for it's full coat, the Maltese is a lovely dog.

Alternative professional food with an enzyme
supplement is a must.

The enzyme is added for more thorough food digestion
and to help digest the hair that gets swallowed
when he decides to groom himself.

I am a Big Advocate of this Ultimate Dining
Experience for your Maltese here

Antioxidants are needed to protect against degenerative
eye disease and for overall health.

If he gets a little too rowdy, warm milk (lactose
free) with honey and a biscuit, or an anti anxiety
supplement can be given.

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