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Oh that Smell!

Please help! Why

Dogs have Gas

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My Dog has Gas....What can I do?
The reasons why dogs have gas and what you can do about it.

The Dog did it - Really!
By: Tippy & Turbo

Whenever you have company over an a bad smell takes over the
area and you feel obligated to explain that it is really
your dog and not something or someone else as the culprit.

Excessive gas in your dog can be quite embarrassing and
offensive. Bad gas in your dog isn't something to take
lightly and is usually a symptom of something going wrong in
the digestive tract.

As to why your dog is having excessive gas, there is no
clear answer for that. Most of the time bad gas can be
chalked up to poor diet. If you feed your dog cheap dog food
and table scraps that can be the entire reason that your dog
has gas. Or, in some cases illness or parasites may be the
culprit behind the problem.

Getting to the bottom of the problem may require that you
take a hard look at your dog's habits and also take it the
veterinarian for a checkup. You should ask yourself whether
your dog in good health aside from the gas. You veterinarian
may be able to help you with your fragrant friend by giving
you medication or suggesting a supplement that may help your
dog with its aromas. There are natural herbal remedies that
can help your dog with its digestion.

But the first thing you should do is to examine your dog's
diet and everything that it eats. Your dog may have food
allergies that are contributing to poor digestion, causing
the room-clearing odorizer. If you feed your dog poor
quality dog food then you are going to have this problem
most likely, and more over time.

Dogs are typically allergic to corn, which is found in
nearly all commercial dog food. There are some brands of dog
food that are hypoallergenic and do not have corn added into
the ingredients. Bad food causes poor digestion and a host
of other health problems aside from gas.

Dog food that is specially formulated for dogs and is as
close to their natural diet is possible is usually the best
way to go for your dog. You can also prepare dog food
yourself because fresh is usually best, if you can do it and
prepare it right. You will need to have a specific recipe
and your veterinarian can help you out with that.

You will have to watch your dog because occasionally you get
a dog that likes to rummage through garbage or eat things
off of the ground that can cause odiferousness.

Here are some natural remedies that you can try to help
alleviate gas in canines:

- Enzymes - these naturally occur in the stomach and aid in
- Massage - massaging your dogs abdomen along with some
praise can aid in your dogs digestion and help its
guts work better.
- Nux Vomica - Give this homeopathic remedy when your dog
hasn't eaten or isn't about to eat for a while.
- Peppermint - crush some leaves of peppermint and
mix it into the dog food.
- Probiotics - good bacterial flora balance in the gut aids
digestion and kill bad bacteria that can cause gas.

Try one method at a time so that you can know which method
works best for your dog. These are all gently and effective
ways for treating gas in dogs, and should help your dog to
get back in good working order.

Life's Abundance dog food contains probiotics and proteins from meat sources and not from cereal sources. Most digestive upsets are caused by poor ingredients in the food. (Always check with your vet first to determine if there is an organic cause of digestive problems).

Fillers in foods like corn or wheat are not what nature intended for dogs to thrive on. Dogs are carnivores and need meat proteins, not an overabundance of carbohydrates from grains.

Please do your dog a big favor and start feeding him one of the finest dog foods on the market.

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