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"The New Yorker Dog Cartoons Book" is filled with one
hundred and one cartoons containing dogs or about dogs. It
was published in 1992 by Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group.
These cartoons show dogs being and doing things outrageous
and hilarious. They were collected from over sixty-five
years of The New Yorker magazines that have been published.

The authors and illustrators of these cartoons are artists
like Thurber, Steinberg, Arno, Addams and others. These
cartoons cover a wide range of points of view from both the
owner and the dog, ranging from classic dog drawings to
anthropomorphic drawings of dogs.

Here are some examples of the cartoons in the book:

- In a wordless cartoon, a dog looks resentfully at a man
reading a book entitled "How to Be Your Own Best Friend."

- A couple is in bed with lots of dogs: "If you lie down
with pugs, you wake up with pugs."

- A woman with two suitcases is seen leaving with the dog
while a man inquires of the dog: "Et tu, Baxter?"

- Dog-human reversals, like, a dog doctor examines a human
and notes, "Well, your nose feels cold."

- A psychic tells a dog its fortune, "You will be going for
a long walk."

- Two dogs talking to each other spot a cat walking down the
sidewalk and one says to the other: "Do you want to handle
this, or should I?"

- A man walks down the street with a dog walking on its hind
legs and holding onto his arm, "She never took to the

- A sheep is leading lots of dogs in a herd, and a man says
to another man, "I understand that in your country this
thing is done quite differently."

Many dog lovers have found this book to be very funny. These
books give you the odd, strange and even normal point of
view of dogs and their owners. If you enjoy cartoons that
are about man's best friend then this is the book for you.

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