Calendars with Exceptionally Alluring
and Stately Oriental Kitties

Our Calendars and Wall Calendars
featuring Spectacular pictures of Oriental Cats
will be a Delight for you to look at every day
during this coming year

Looking for a Creative Gift Item for that
cat loving person you know?

Get them one of these Colorful Oriental Cats Calendars
and put a huge smile on their face

Oriental Cat Calendars

Our Oriental Cats Calendars have pictures of

a wide variety of the Oriental cat color variations,
including solid, smoke, shaded, bicolor, parti-color,
and tabby.

Just as Oriental Cats are eager to please their owners
so you will find these Oriental Cats Calendars eager to please you.

The Oriental Cat Breed

The stated reason that the Oriental Cat breed was developed
was for breeders to explore all of the possible patterns and
colors that a cat scan genetically have. Since the breeds
acceptance into the Cat Fanciers Society they have
maintained this breeding goal.

Because of this breeding goal apparently, the Oriental breed
also has a very different personality. They are very
affectionate and want to be with their owners at all times
and be the center of attention. They will talk to you about
everything to do with themselves and expect you to pay

It's not that they intend to make themselves a bother, but
they must be in the middle of what you are doing and do it
in such a way as to get your attention. They will eagerly
greet you at the door when you return home.

They have a natural curiosity and intelligence so that they
can get into or onto things that you had no idea they could
do. And they remain this way for all of their lives. They
can even be considered to be dog like in mannerisms.

These cats are sleek and long. They have a long whippy tail
that marks the breed. They move elegantly on slender long
legs. They have a very angular face that flow back into
large upright ears. Their almond-shaped eyes hold
personality and charm. Although they look slender, they have
surprising muscle tone and heft for their appearance. They
are not fragile in the slightest.

The Oriental breed originated from the Siamese breed. When
the breed was accepted by the CFA as its own breed in 1977,
it rapidly became one of the most popular breeds. There are
two different types of Oriental: the Oriental Short Hair and
the Oriental Long Hair. These cats make excellent

There are over three hundred different color and pattern
variations to choose from within the Oriental breed, so
finding an Oriental to suit your tastes in color or pattern
is much easier than in other breeds of cat.

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