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Oriental Shorthair Cats:

Emotional, Friendly but

Demands Attention

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The "Non-standard" Oriental Shorthair
By: Alfred and Miss Baby Kitty

The Oriental Shorthair represents a large and diverse number
of cats that have their origins in the Siamese breed. They
were accepted as champions in 1977 and quickly became one of
the Cat Fanciers Society's most popular cat breeds. In 1995
the Oriental Longhair was added and now this breed can
provide a cat for even the most discerning cat owner.

The Oriental Shorthair is a pure breed of cat that combines
many different colorings and patterns with the Siamese body
shape. These cats are social animals and are very
intelligent, and they develop close bonds with their
families. Oriental Shorthairs are emotional, friendly,
inquisitive and demanding of attention. If you love and take
care of these cats they will trust and depend on you

The Oriental Shorthair is considered a member of the Siamese
family that is self-colored. There are a total of over three
hundred color and pattern combinations accepted. If a kitten
that is pointed is produced from a pair of Oriental
Shorthairs it is considered to be Any Other Variety (AOV) by
the Cat Fancier's Association. In other cat associations
these cats are considered to be Siamese and compete side by
side with the traditional Siamese.

The Oriental Shorthair has almond-shaped, expressive eyes.
They have a wedge-shaped head and large ears. The body is
muscular and elegant and they are often heavier than they
look. The Oriental Shorthairs that sometimes born with long
hair have a pair of recessive long hair genes. They are
quite vocal when happy and the purr can be very loud.

Oriental Shorthair cats were imported from Thailand to
Britain in the latter half of the Eighteen Hundreds, but
they weren't accepted formally into the CFA as a breed until
1977. Until then they were referred to as "non-blue eyed
Siamese" or foreign shorthairs. They are the foundation
stock for several breeds, including the Havana Brown and the

With more than three hundred different pattern and color
combinations possible you are bound to find an Oriental
Shorthair that meets your needs and wants. Imagine a cat
with the body type of a Siamese but coming in colors of
blue, chestnut, cinnamon, cream, ebony, fawn, lavender, or
red and white. For an undercoat that sparkles there is the
silver gene which makes a Smoke Oriental. There is also the
option of varying shades and particolor.

There are also patterns to consider in the solid, tabby,
bicolor, pointed, shade, smoke and particolor. The tabby
patterns come in classic, mackerel, spotted and ticked. And
the particolor are famous for the tortoiseshell coat
pattern. All in all the Oriental Shorthair is a beautiful
and charming breed and it is easy to see the reason for the
wide popularity of this breed.

Picture Oriental Shorthair Cat

How I would take care of an Oriental Shorthair Cat
Dr. Jane Bicks

Distinctively elegant, agile and loving, the
Oriental Shorthair cat is a thinner, more muscular,
almost identical twin to the Siamese. Not
surprisingly the two breeds have the same
nutritional needs.

To meet it's high energy needs and still retain it's
long lean beauty this cat requires high biological 
value protein Premium Cat Food and balanced fatty
acids daily.

Commercial cat foods with a high cereal or carbohydrate 
content should be Avoided, as should raw meat diets
(these can cause muscle flaccidity and hair loss).

On the other hand, non digestible carbohydrates (fiber)
such as beet pulp or grated carrots, should be
included in the diet. These will cleanse
intestine walls, preventing bowel problems, and
keep it from getting fat.

For a very active cat, a little nutritional calming
can be obtained by supplementing the diet with a
balanced Vitamin B complex or 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon brewers 
yeast or torula yeast daily. I give mine chamomile
tea (1/4 teaspoon in it's food); this seems to help
him digest while keeping him calm. I add hops to his
evening meal which allows everyone to sleep during
the night.

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