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to find out if

your Dog is Overweight

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Dr. Jane Bicks talks about safe and effective weight loss in dogs

How to Determine if your Dog is Overweight
By: Jane Bicks D.V.M.

Being overweight can cause unnecessary suffering and shortened lifespan in dogs. View the info we have below for you on overweight dogs.

Health concerns such as joint or locomotion difficulties, heart and
respiratory disease, diabetes, liver disease, heat intolerance, skin problems
and gastrointestinal disorder may occur as a result of obesity.

However, many people don't really know if their pet is overweight until
they visit their veterinarian for another reason.


Here's how to Determine if your Dog is Overweight

Feel the dog's ribs with both hands.

Then take a look at him from above and from the side.

FOR AN IDEAL DOG: It is easy to feel the ribs without an excess
fat covering. Viewed from the side, the belly is tucked up.
Viewed from above, there's a noticeable waist in front of the hips.

FOR AN OVERWEIGHT DOG: It is difficult to feel the ribs with an
excess fat covering. Viewed from the side, the belly has minimal
or no tuck. Viewed from above, there's no waist in front of the hips.


If your Dog is Overweight...Here's what you can Do......

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