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The Persian Cat Breed
By: Alfred and Miss Patches Marie Kitty

The Persian, because of its popularity and it's old
established breeding lines, is also one of the most sought
after for crossbreeding to make a new breed. In fact it is
the foundation stock for a lot of the longhair type breeds today.

The CFA divides these colors into divisions:

- Calico & Bi-Color Division
- Himalayan Division
- Parti-Color Division
- Shaded & Smoke Division
- Silver & Golden Division
- Solid Color Division
- Tabby Division

The Himalayan is often considered to be its own breed. But
although some breeders of the Persian Himalayan believe that
it should be its own breed, the CFA has determined thus far
that the Himalayan doesn't have enough characteristics
distinguishing it from the other Persians to merit its own
breed listing.

However, according to The International Cat Association
(TICA, UK's cat club) the Himalayan is shown in its own
breed class but it is also included in the Persian grouping,
which also includes exotic shorthair cats. The American
Association of Cat Enthusiasts, Inc. (AACE) also judges the
Himalayan as its own separate breed.

The Persian is considered to be one of the most elegant and
refined cats in existence. They have impeccable breeding and
are often in the possession of the rich, famous or royalty.
The breed has a long history and pedigree and is known to
have come from Persia (now called Iran and Turkey).

Persians were introduced to England through merchants and
travelers from Iran and Turkey. Some historians believe that
the modern Persian is in fact the result of Angoras mating
with the original Persians from Iran and Turkey during the
sixteenth century.

Today the Persian is the most popular breed in the United

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