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The Persian Breed of Cat
Written by: Alfred and Miss Pretty Kitty

The Persian cat is a medium to large cat that is of a
cobby type. The body sits low on their legs and they have
a broad, deep chest. Plus powerful wide shoulders and butt.
Persians have a "flower face," with a pushed in muzzle.
Persians, although they often look like balls of fluff, are
actually well muscled and toned.

One of the things that makes the Persian such a sought after
and famous breed is the long, luxurious, flowing fur coat.
An example of the famous Persian in show is that it has an
extremely long thick coat and short legs.

The Persian is stocky with a wide head and ears that are set
far apart on the head. They have an extremely short muzzle
and this makes their appearance seem that they have a
squashed in face. Because of this, Persians often have
trouble with their eyes leaking and have to have their eyes
wiped with a damp cloth during grooming sessions to wipe
away the excess liquid.

When the breed was first introduced the muzzle wasn't as
short as it is today. When a Persian has an extremely flat
face it causes health problems. This can occur in multiple
ways including the eyes popping out of the eye sockets, a
problem with constant sinus infections, and tear duct leakage.

When a Persian is ideal it is altogether round: round face
shape, round barrel-like body, round feet, round squat legs
and round tail. The eyes should be round as well.

One of the trademarks of a Persian is the long fluffy
luxurious coat. The coat of the Persian seems to almost have
a life of its own when the cat is well cared for. The
Persian breed has a wide range of permissible colors and
patterns according to the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).
Some of the more famous patterns and colors are the parti-
color, the pointed, the silver or sterling, and the tortoise
shell color patterns.

The Persian is one of the most distinguished and oldest
breeds of cat. In Britain where the breed premiered it was
known as the Longhair or Persian Longhair. When a Persian
doesn't have any papers and isn't an established and
registered pedigree it is called a domestic longhair cat.

Picture Persian Cat

Find out what the Persian Cat needs Nutritionally
Dr. Jane Bicks

The Persian Cat is the quintessential, luxuriously
longhaired, and usually royally pampered cat.

Unfortunately, many of the Persians I've seen
have been pampered to death by indulgent, nutritionally
uneducated owners.

The major errors, I've found, are feeding all meat
diets, baby food, overfeeding with table scraps and
treats, and leaving food down for the Persian all day nibbling.
These are definite - and dangerous no - nos!

Persian Cats will Love the Savory Taste of this Feline Cuisine

Persian cats are not particularly active cats and are 
prone to obesity and FLUTD; proper diet is, therefore
a necessity. Calorie intake should be controlled.
Feed only low magnesium cat foods. You may want to
leave cat food down all day for those predisposed to

Ocular discharge is common in this breed, so you
should clean a Persian's eyes once or twice daily
with a piece of damp, sterile cotton. To prevent
eye infections, a strong immune system must be
present to provide ample antibodies.

A daily antioxidant plus bee pollen should be given.
If you are using a supermarket label cat food, all a
well rounded supplement with vitamins, minerals, 
amino acids and fats.

A specific hair supplement containing the B vitamins,
zinc, and fatty acids can make that marvelous coat
of the Persian cat look its very best.

With Persians, grooming can not be ignored and should
be done daily. Remember, when brushing, brush backwards
to distribute oils evenly. Administer hair ball treatment
between meals two or three times weekly.

Vegetable enzymes will ensure delivery of essential hair
and coat nutrients.

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